Roxy Shahidi is as of now having some time off from Emmerdale as she contends in the 2024 series of Moving On Ice

An Emmerdale star has discussed longing for the ITV cleanser while she has some time off from the show.

As Emmerdale fans know, Roxy Shahidi, 40 who plays Leyla Harding, is presently enjoying some time off from the cleanser. She has got her skates on to participate in the 2024 series of Moving On Ice.

Roxy made her most memorable Emmerdale appearance in 2008 and has been a well known individual from the cast with fans. The star made her presentation in ITV program Moving On Ice at the end of the week.

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As we detailed, in front of her presentation on the ice, Roxy kidded: “I feel most good when I’m in the air and he’s doing a lift.” In answer, Richard said: “All in all, you feel most great when you are not on ice?”

Enjoying some time off from the ice skating arena, Roxy popped back to see her companions at Emmerdale. On Instagram, she subtitled the post: “Just popped to Emmerdale. Missing this spot.”

“Emmerdale have been great since I expressed right from the outset my need is Emmerdale,” she demanded. “They told me we haven’t got a huge storyline coming up so we’ll just fit you in. So they’ve permitted me to make that stride once again to zero in on Moving On Ice.”

We’ll stay up with the latest with Roxy’s Moving On Ice progress and plans for her Emmerdale return.

As could be, we’ll keep on presenting to you the large Emmerdale news about what’s going on in the town and away from it.

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