Dawn’s mother reappears in the village.


Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Kim Tate will be caught over trying to bribe newcomer Rose in upcoming Emmerdale scenes.

Dawn’s long-lost mother reappeared in the village earlier this week when she was hospitalised with a broken arm.

Dawn was unexpectedly reunited with her mother as she brought young son Evan in for a health check. Once Dawn realised Rose was her mum, she refused to have any contact with her.

The sudden reappearance of Rose coincides with dramatic events on the horizon for Dawn, as she is set to learn that baby son Evan has leukaemia.


In scenes airing next week, Dawn shuts down Billy’s offer to talk about her feelings for her mother — though neither is aware that Rose is seeking them out at Home Farm.

After Kim Tate shares a tense moment with Rose, Dawn requests her stepmum join her if she will have any kind of discussion with her mother.

Kim tries to solve the problem with her usual underhanded means by offering to give Rose two grand if she’ll go back to Spain and never return.

Rose rejects all of Kim’s financial offers, though she is chilled when Kim suggests she could use other means to get Rose away from Home Farm.


This subtle threat is enough to convince Rose that she should leave, but she stops off at the Woolpack to share her sad story with Kerry and Gail.

When Billy turns up for a pint, he’s upset to see Rose hanging around. Rose shocks her son-in-law by blurting out that Kim has paid her three grand to leave the village.

Will is furious that Kim tried to bribe Rose without consulting him, but they’re both in for a shock as Dawn arrives back at Home Farm with her mum.

Dawn announces that she’s asked Rose to move in with them for the time being. Is Dawn making a mistake in letting her mother back into her life?


Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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