Moira offered Aaron a warning to be cautious about Cain’s position

There’s been very little of heartfelt love among Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) in Emmerdale over the last few months, but their last fight could come to an have tragic results.

Aaron and Cain’s fight erupted with violent confrontations this week that resulted in the two fighting over Cain’s car that was stolen and Aaron winning the battle the winning side.

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In the Friday’s (January 26) episode, Cain was determined to ensure that Aaron pay for his debt, promising Aaron’s the wife who was furious Moira Barton (Natalie J Robb) that he’d sort it out’.

Naturally, Moira got sick from all the to-ing and froing and decided to go after Aaron her.

In the scrapyard, she urged him to stop his squabble with Cain in the interest for everyone else involved. She mumbled over and over she thought he was a fool at the time. Aaron responded that Cain was now aware of the need to let him down.

For Aaron the decision could not be more wrong when he stumbled upon Cain waiting in the office.

Willing to impart Aaron an important lesson, Cain lunged for him and his vision to blur as Aaron kept on hounding the man.

But Aaron quickly stopped playing tough guy after Cain was unable to stand, and left Cain in shock.

He did not waste time getting Cain to the hospital. He also contacted Moira at the same time as she was rushing to join her husband.

Following a discussion with medical professionals, Moira revealed that they were looking at Cain to determine if he suffered a brain injury as well as asking Aaron what really transpired at the garage that day prior to.

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Aaron did not seem to be astonished and explained that they been in some tussle’. Moira knew there was something else going on.

As she spotted Cain being connected to machines inside his hospital room, Moira issued Aaron with the following dark message:

If he’s not able to wake up then you’re headed to prison And if he does then you’re dead. …’


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