Fans have been guessing for weeks, nay, months that Emmerdale’s Tom (James Pursue) is a wrong’un and that Beauty (Eden Taylor Draper) is in danger, yet is this the greatest sign to affirm this hypothesis yet?

Tom’s conduct has been to some degree a riddle from the very beginning of his and Beauty’s relationship, however his most recent activities will go further to intensify the disquiet.

Speculations are zooming around that Beauty and Tom are setting out toward an overwhelming maltreatment storyline, and his best course of action following their proposition gives confidence to these theories.

Now and again, Tom’s way of behaving towards Beauty has been absolutely disturbing. From his forceful response to her help after his vehicle was taken, to the time he pushed her into a foot stool and cut her head.

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Every occurrence has been dismissed as he was under pressure, or it was only a mishap, yet the reality Beauty has stayed quiet about them is a warning in itself.

‘I figured you could take a joke,’ was a jest of his when she called him out for downplaying his bombed proposition before the Dingles – a hit of analysis to subvert her fearlessness.

His controlling way of behaving, but unpretentious, doesn’t appear to have been a blip.

After he acknowledged her proposition, Beauty was stunned to find he had posted everything over his socials without to such an extent as examining it with her, regardless of it being her news as well.

Also the way that Beauty felt constrained into proposing in any case. After she expressed no to his underlying proposition – for strong reasons – she became fixated on the thought he would have zero desire to wed her except if she demonstrated her obligation to him right away.

Presently, in the long queue of unpretentious peculiarities, Beauty is in for a new shock – Tom uncovers he has booked their wedding date without to such an extent as referencing it to her.

Something pledged couples generally blissfully cooperate on to choose the ideal significant date.

Be that as it may, Tom isn’t tied in with counseling Beauty – he’s tied in with telling her what’s going on with everything. Does this most recent move affirm Beauty is setting out toward risk?

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