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Emmerdale The Emmerdale Rhona takes the baby Ivy A legal expert exposes the limitations she has over the child

Emmerdale Rhona
Emmerdale Rhona

Rhona could be penalized for her behavior.

Tonight, in Emmerdale (Thursday, February 8,), Rhona looked after Ivy throughout the day, but quickly fled along with her.

The news came as Gus announced that he’d move to France along with Ivy which means that Rhona would not be able to share the parenting responsibility.

In the event of Rhona taking the baby Ivy Here’s what she should expect to occur for her as well as Ivy’s child.

Rhona and Ivy disappeared (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Rhona ran away with her baby Ivy

On this night’s episode in Emmerdale, Gus allowed for Rhona and Marlon to take care of Ivy throughout the day, while the rest of his preparations for their departure to France.

As Rhona realized that Gus didn’t want to be a part of the family and be her child’s co-parent and she was unsure, she contacted Charity whom she urged to stand up for Ivy.

Based on this, Rhona told Marlon that she would be taking Ivy out for the walk. She actually took her things with her and snatched the infant girl rather.

Marlon was shocked to see Rhona and Ivy missing, and lying to Gus she had been out for a ride.

Following the time that Gus allowed Marlon and Rhona take care of Ivy for a while, Marlon and Mary set off on a hunt for Rhona as well as the infant.

The situation isn’t looking good in the case of Rhona (Credit: ITV)

What will happen to Rhona when she is next under the law? laws?

However, despite Ivy being a part of Rhona’s DNA because Rhona didn’t carry her and give birth to her, she does not have legal rights over her. Legal experts have informed Entertainment Daily! they could result in an enforcing punishment for Rhona since she was technically kidnapped the girl’s baby.

Beverley Jones, Partner of Family Law at JMW Solicitors stated: “In this instance Rhona is likely to be arrested. The reason for this is that despite her use of embryos, kidnap is still a criminal offense. It is also true that the fact she is biologically related does not affect the law, since she removed the child with the approval of the individual or persons who are responsible for the child’s care, which is in this instance her parents legally recognized as Gus as well as Lucy.”

In the end, she said: “Furthermore, Rhona would not automatically be able to apply for permission from the court to be a parent with the child, as she’s not considered a legal parent as per the law. However, it’s likely that she’d receive permission to submit an application because of her connection to her child. The court then has decide if it is beneficial for the child’s interests to establish a connection with her. If the circumstances were normal, it’s likely that she would be successful with this request However, the fact that she was kidnapped is not going to help her cause and there is a good chance that Gus will oppose her request due to the fact that the kidnapper is afraid of being abducted once more.

“Rhona may end up in prison for stealing Ivy (Credit: ITV)

Can Rhona get in trouble in connection with the abduction of Ivy?

Theresa Wright, a Family Solicitor at Britton and Time said:

“Despite her biological connection to the child, since Rhona isn’t an official parent for the child, her actions will be classified as child abduction, an offence that is criminal pursuant to section 2 of the Child Abduction Act 1984 (section 2.) that can result in a prison sentence of as long as 7 years prison. But, she is an embryo donor as well as as
The manner in which the embryo was taken could be considered to be mitigating factors the embryo was obtained, if she were to be put to trial for her crime.”

It appears that Rhona is causing more trouble for herself, by stealing Ivy. Since she’s not legally Ivy’s parent, she’s likely to face the possibility of seven years in jail.

Theresa Wright also admitted that: “She may have to acknowledge that she cannot become a legally-authorized parent for her child.”

Will things turn in her favor? or, does she end up losing Ivy forever?


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