Ada Nicodemou landed the role of Leah Patterson on Australian soap Home and Away in 2000, but the year before this, she appeared in a Hollywood blockbuster film

Ada Nicodemou starred in a 1999 Hollywood movie and looked completely different.

The actress is best known for the role of Leah Patterson on Home and Away, portraying the character since 2000. The 46-year-old is the third longest-serving actor in an Australia soap opera, behind her co-stars Ray Meagher and Lynne McGranger.

Prior to landing a part on the Aussie soap, Ada starred in The Matrix alongside Keanu Reeves. She played the goth-styled character DuJour.

A photo of Ada’s character resurfaced online and left fans completely shocked. The star looked unrecognisable with her black locks piled into a high bun alongside by a blunt-cut fringe.

Ada Nicodemou has played Leah Patterson since 2000
Ada Nicodemou has played Leah Patterson since 2000

She donned a black latex crop top and a number of gold rings around her neck. Worlds away from Leah’s appearance, the character sported bright red eyeshadow and a bold red lip.

Sharing the snap of Ada as DuJour on a Facebook fan group, one person wrote: “Ada Nicodemou aka Home and Away’s Leah was in The Matrix. Dunno how many times I’ve watched those movies and never realised lmfao, she was so young back then.”

The actress appeared as DuJour in The Matrix
The actress appeared as DuJour in The Matrix (Image: Warner Bros)

Fans were floored as one replied: “How come I’m only just discovering that Ada Nicodemou appeared in The Matrix?” A second penned: “Ada Nicodemou in The Matrix got me so flustered as a teen that I couldn’t watch Home and Away the same ever again.”

“Pretty random that Ada Nicodemou is in it, and as a character that helps set Neo’s entire arc in motion no less. I like to think the character is actually Leah Patterson and has come a LONG way since her days in Summer Bay,” added a third.

Leah is adjusting to living with Justin again
Leah is adjusting to living with Justin again (Image: Shared Content Unit)

Leah recently returned from a mental hospital and is adjusting to living with Justin (James Stewart) again. Afraid of hurting him, she refuses to sleep in the same bed as her fiancé. During Wednesday’s episode (March 3) of the Channel 5 soap, Leah confides in Valerie (Courtney Clarke) about her worries.

Valerie offers to move in with Leah and Justin until she’s settled. Although Leah is excited at the prospect, Justin isn’t so sure. Wanting to get to know her better, Justin takes a walk on the beach with Valerie. However, it’s not long before he triggers Valerie when he asks how she ended up in the clinic. Justin later apologises and Valerie accepts, but he can’t help but feel unsure about his new roommate.


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