John is shocked when he discovers Cash dropped the case into the mystery Surf Club donor. Elsewhere, Xander catches the eye of one Summer Bay resident as Bree returns with news

Home and Away viewers can expect more drama next week.

John is shocked when he learns that Roo has dropped the investigation into the anonymous donor, and he wants to know the truth. Marilyn later asks Roo why she doesn’t tell John that Cash did find out who gave the money.

After Roo finally tells him the truth, a baffled John questions why Cash would walk away without finishing the job. John confronts Cash, demanding to know who the anonymous donor is.

Cash remains tight lipped, but John wants to re-freeze the funds now pending further information. Against Marilyn’s advice, Roo and John confront Cash.

It is revealed that Cash knows who the mystery donor is
It is revealed that Cash knows who the mystery donor is (Image: Channel 5)

Alarmed, Cash puts a call into the mystery donor. Elsewhere, Xander is stumped coming up with the next Salt event, prompting Dana to help.

The duo bond over Xander’s lovely but failed date with Harper, and Dana’s rocky relationship history. When Dana admits that she thinks she’ll be single at forty, Xander brands her a catch.

Xander tells Dana she is a catch
Xander tells Dana she is a catch (Image: Backtothebay)

Later, Dana vents to Irene about her crush, concealing his identity. Dana’s phone pings with a text from Xander, and she’s unable to mask a hopeful smile.

When they’re together later on, Rose can spot the attraction a mile off and wastes no time confronting Dana, who begs her to keep quiet.

Dana begins crushing on Xander
Dana begins crushing on Xander (Image: Backtothebay)

Across the Bay, Bree lets Remi know she’s home from spending time with her family. He reveals he’s only just out of hospital, even though it’s been a week.

Bree is confused as to why nobody told her Remi had been discharged. He apologises, admitting he felt Bree needed to be with her family, and not be worrying about him.

Bree returns and tells Remi that her father died
Bree returns and tells Remi that her father died (Image: Backtothebay)

She later returns to tell Remi the full truth. Bree reveals that her father suffered serious brain damage in his accident and passed away from his injuries.

Bree cries into Remi’s arms. She’s been keeping everyone at a distance to try to fix everything herself – and now she’s falling apart.


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