Following a heated debate over the suspension of Summer Bay Police officer Cash Newman and how he’s made ends meet being on leave for a forced reason and unsure of whether he’d want to be reinstated, viewers who watch Home and Away have called their attention to an obvious storyline gap in the storylines of the show.

Additionally, he was involved in a scandal involving police that occurred in the Bay Area that resulted in the suspension being unpaid for three months. Cash has recently been stung by the kidnapping of his partner Eden and the harsh breakup of his sister. With Eden safe and the situation improving an online user asked an extremely pertinent question last week within a Home and Away Facebook group.

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“Three months with no pay. Also, Eden isn’t doing enough gigs. What are they doing to make ends meet?” they commented.

The response made home and away fans giggling, but certain fans reacted with factual information.

One person said, “Cash had a lot of savings” Fans had to be reminded about Cash’s heirloom.

“Who is going to need money in Summer Bay?” Someone was making an absurd joke. One person said “I must go to Summer Bay to Summer Bay and stay in Summer Bay!” in reply.

“Roo is a person who loves managing things, is going to have organize a fundraiser. This will give him some entertainment,” jokingly said another fan.

A user commented, “Have often wondered that in addition to the variety of coffees available lol.”

Many others concurred that, despite lengthy pauses, a number of Summer Bay companies are still thriving.

One person said Justin’s garage was “like an unoccupied garage that does not run for six months and but then suddenly appears in the form of a company.”


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