EastEnders spoilers will be revealed.

EastEnders‘ Martin Fowler left Walford in the episode last night (January 22), which left some fans in doubt about whether that was the final we’d see of Martin Fowler.

Martin was seen standing up to say goodbye to Ian Beale before heading towards the airport, where he was planning a trip to Australia.

And has Martin gone for good? Will he return? Short review of the latest developments.

Have you heard that Martin quit the show for a reason?


It’s good to know that Martin is not gone forever. Martin isn’t leaving the show indefinitely.

In the real world, James Bye, who portrayed him, was able to take a leave from the show toward the year’s end for the sake of appearing in the panto.

He was The Prince of the Musical adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre.

Other EastEnders starlets like Stephen McFadden, Shane Richie, Shona McGarty, and Delroy Atkinson will have similar breaks for the same reasons in the next few weeks.


Certain characters appear to be part of the plot, as Martin was. Other characters are simply disappearing from the screen for a time.

But it’s been revealed that the cast will be granted a different amount of flexibility to be a part of panto this Christmas due to plans for the 40th anniversary of the show in February next year.

An EastEnders spokesperson said the following to Digital Spy that at the moment: ” EastEnders cast to take part in panto every year, but as we lead up to our milestone 40th anniversary, all cast members have been asked to be involved for storyline purposes – we’ve received no complaints everyone has been supportive of the plan.”


Martin’s departure story had him fly into Australia to assist his sister Michelle, who was recovering after a hysterectomy.

Sharon is also staying at Michelle due to her short-term departure earlier in March.

EastEnders leaves. Who else will be going?

We’ve mentioned that Steve McFadden, Shane Richie, Shona McGarty, and Delroy Atkinson will also be disappearing off screens shortly in conjunction with the panto breaks they are taking.

Tameka Empson is also taking time off from her character Kim to perform in the musical The Big Life at the Theatre Royal Stratford East.

Kim and her co-star Howie are set to write in the upcoming episodes together following his acceptance of the opportunity of a lifetime aboard a cruise vessel that takes them far from Walford for over three years.


In the wake of her panto break, Shona McGarty will permanently bow off her role as Whitney in the coming year. Patsy Palmer will return as Bianca in her departure story.

Fans are also expected to say goodbye to Ben Mitchell, with Max Bowden leaving the show after playing the part for four seasons.


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