The latest home and away promo revealed how Tane and Felicity are scheduled to share a romantic night as Mackenzie learns more about Levi, the newest love interest. Levi.

Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) were separated for several months since Tane realized that Flick continued to take her birth control pills even though the couple had been able to agree to have an infant.

Tane could see his wife’s behaviour as inexcusable and instantly split his relationship with her. Felicity has tried to change his mind since, but Tane has always stood in his place.

There was a period of confusion during the final week of the Australian Season Finale when the couple shared a kiss in Northern Districts Hospital. However, Tane later clarified that even though they still loved Felicity, that doesn’t suggest they would ever be together.

In the last episode, Tane tells Felicity that their relationship will likely break because of their different opinions about having kids and their different paths through life.

Felicity accepted that the wedding was over and took off her wedding ring, as Tane tried to leave by planting kisses onto Harper (Jessica Redmayne).

Following some tips given by Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), This week’s episodes include Felicity trying to get over her own life while considering the prospect of being in a relationship for the first time.

Although she could not muster the energy to phone an individual who wrote his phone number on a table, considering this was a move in the right direction.

Thus, the latest Home and Away promo events, aired just after the Tuesday episode on the Australian continent, are surprising because everything is thrown out the window. We see Felicity telling Tane that she’s missing him. To which Tane responds: “I’ve missed you too.”

At Salt, She tells someone, “We belong together,” before being taken to the old Parata home (now Cash’s and Felicity’s home). We witness the two kissing before Felicity removes Tane’s shirt and jumps in Tane’s arms.

They then go to the room, ignoring that their most loved pastime is precisely what brought them into the mess initially.

What is the most likely cause for a problem?

Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is set for a surprise next week as she uncovers the truth behind her boyfriend, Dr. Levi Fowler (Tristan Gorey), who performed a significant procedure on her only a few weeks back.

The couple kissed within several days after Mackenzie was discharged from the hospital. Levi has already enthralled Mac without any idea of the extent of his mystery.

It’s not enough that he once was Mackenzie’s physician, like Mali (Kyle Shilling), who did not mince words as he returned home only to see the two kissing. However, Dr Levi’s moral dilemmas aren’t over.

This week, we witnessed him get a call from an unknown individual, and he informed them that he had a problem at the hospital and wouldn’t be allowed to return home the following evening.

The latest promo features Levi and Mackenzie strolling along the beach. Before Mac demands of Levi, “Do you want me?”

“Yes,” the man replies. Then, we see two couples kissing at Mackenzie’s home on the farm.

It is then that the truth of what Levi is doing impacts Levi immediately, and Levi ends the situation.

“What’s wrong?” is the question asked by Mackenzie. However, Levi cannot come up with an “I have to go” prior to walking out.

In a different scene, Mackenzie tells Levi, “You either want to be with me, or you don’t”.

If he responds quickly by saying, “I do,” she asks him: “Then what is it?”

“I’m married!”

The announcement hits Mackenzie with a hammer. Mackenzie begs her husband to assure her that their marriage is not good; however, he can’t say that since he explains that he’s in a happy relationship.

“What happened?”

“I met you!” Levi answers.

Can Mackenzie remain in pursuit of Levi when she is aware of the full 

A story about the man’s life and his separation from Summer Bay?

It’s a good thing that history doesn’t duplicate itself for Mackenzie, who was previously in a relationship with Ari Parata (Rob Kipa Williams) before when Ari’s ex-girlfriend and girlfriend of his dreams, Mia Anderson (Anna Samson), was born in Summer Bay.

In the end, can one of Summer Bay’s most beloved couples be able to find their way to one another over the next few months?

“What is going on between us?”What’s going on between us?” Justin in this romantic promotional.

Leah showed up in the garage after the conclusion of Tuesday’s Australian episode. This was following Theo (Matt Evans) finally revealing to her how badly her boyfriend was hurting.

Justin recently returned to her home in Summer Bay from a mental wellness retreat. She isn’t ready to allow Justin to return to her life after she pointed the knife in the closing days of the 2023 season.

The actress appears disconnected from Justin since the video depicts her telling Justin she needs to go and then rushing out from the garage.

The car is halted when she hears the thud of the tools in the garage. Justin’s fury gets the best of him.

Then, we hear the voiceover of the new character Valerie (Courtney Clarke), Leah’s roommate at the retreat. She will be the debut guest on Monday’s episode.

Valerie questions the girl: “You love Justin; Justin loves you; what are you doing?”

Justin lays his cards on the table when the two meet in the park near the shore.

“I want you back, Leah.”

But she’s obliged to disappoint him again.

“I do not think I could accomplish this. Not now .”

Can the newcomer Valerie help Leah locate her way back to Justin?


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