Emmerdale spoilers for the next episode are out there. Angelica King is arrested when she admits that she drove the vehicle when Heath was killed.

The frightened teen is going to be a prisoner for life?

Find more details about the entire story Emmerdale spoilers!

Police investigation

As the funeral of Heath is over, Bob and the remaining family members are trying to come to the reality of life without him.

Their focus shifts to the police investigation. Cathy is furious as Bob cautiously suggests that they wait for the results of the forensic investigation.

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In the meantime, Jimmy and Nicola are still in a state of shock following Angelica telling her mom she knew Cathy was in the dark all period – and it was Angelica who was driving at the time Heath passed away.

And this week, Nicola encourages her husband, Jimmy, to sit down and discuss the following actions.

Bob proposes to wait for the result of a forensic investigation. However, Cathy is not happy. (Credit: ITV)

What do we know?

Jimmy is aware of the truth behind the incident, but the blame continues to be placed on Cathy for the accident.

She is shocked and nervous she is uneasy and shocked when Jimmy says to Angel that he’s lying to the police regarding the incident.

The next day, when the Kings try to be expected, Jimmy is struck with guilt after observing Bob’s pain.

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When Angel listens to her parents’ conversations about how hard Bob is suffering, she decides to take a stand.

To bring the lie to rest, the woman leaves and confesses to the world she drove – before the shocked Liam, Brenda, Cathy and April.

Shortly after, Angelica was at the police station. She officially admits that she was the driver when the incident occurred. Her fear is heightened when she’s charged with causing death through unsafe driving.

Do you think she is facing a long time in jail?


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