The week following, having nightmares over her experiences of Vita Nova and breaking down, Leah Patterson of Home and Away is set to admit her feelings to her husband, Justin Morgan, finally.

The couple is finding it challenging to return to normalcy following the incident. Leah, along with Justin, was abducted terrifyingly by members of a cult; this is especially the case after Justin was attacked at the hospital.

The scenes from the episode that has been shown previously in Australia and will be aired on Channel 5 in the UK this week include Justin facing his girlfriend when he discovers she’s been searching for the possibility of night terrors and insomnia.

Leah admits that, since her experience with Vita Nova, she has experienced some sleepless sleeping patterns. Leah agrees that Justin asks her to speak with him about her worries as they decide to head to work.

Leah stands outside in the parking area after working for a while, and she is suddenly reminded of the kidnapping event that happened in her childhood. Leah states that she’s been experiencing nightmares ever since she began getting them. Justin quickly gets out of the vehicle and walks over to her.

Leah finally admits to Justin — through tears, that she could need help.

Together, they work through Leah’s recent traumas, and Justin assures Leah that he’s always with her.

Leah recognizes that she’s been searching for sleep pills since each time she closes her eyes, it feels as if she’s in an abandoned factory. Compassionate Justin embraces Leah as she lies to sleep in the arms of Justin.

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Leah is asleep all night, and they decide to make the most of the good vibes and return to their wedding plans. They quickly decide Valentine’s Day would be the perfect day to get married.

Does everything go according to plan at their wedding? Or could things fall apart before they step foot on the altar?


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