Amid the season, as Home and Away approach, Mac reportedly suffers an attack of the heart due to the stress of having to arbitrate Felicity Tane’s marriage problems.

John is a victim of problems with his family for his short fuse, and Bree’s meeting with Remi’s parents isn’t exactly as planned.

01. Felicity and Mackenzie take turns locking their horns.

Felicity is still feeling she was. Mackenzie did her a disservice by offering Tane an apartment. She is furious.

The women’s tensions rage during Salt, forcing Xander to intervene to calm the conflict.

Felicity takes Mackenzie home to heal from her rage and apologizes heartfeltly for her past behaviour. Also, she asks Mac to take back Tane’s wedding ring after she gives it to him.

02. Tane gets whipped

Tane apologizes to Mac for having her in the middle of his issues and says that he will not take the wedding band that was given to Felicity back.

Tane puts his ring in the garbage and tells everyone in the gym that the marriage has ended after the block on Felicity’s cell phone.

Mali pleads with Mac not to interfere with Tane and Felicity’s lives. However, she cannot avoid being worried.

03. Bree gets to meet Remi’s parents.

In the year Remi and Bree commemorate their 35 years together, the couple heads to visit his parents, Graham and Nicola.

The night is getting off to an excellent beginning as Remi attempts to keep his lover down, and then the subject of Bree’s husband’s abuse is brought up.

Remi’s behaviour has caused much pain to Bree, who doesn’t comprehend why he’s seeking to keep their history from being revealed.

04. Bree makes a brave move

Remi soon realizes his mistakes and informs Bree that he’s not ashamed of his parents, who knew the first time they became friends.

In the morning, at breakfast, Bree confides in Nicola and Graham on her decision to risk Jacob’s life in the hope of saving her own.

Nicola praises Bree’s bravery and discusses her desire to spend even longer getting to know her.

05. Cash is looking to return to work.

Rose is trying to raise Cash’s mood by drawing attention to the achievements in Harper and Irene’s case, as he’s angry over the suspension he received.

Although she’s urging her coworker to request an expedited review, Cash hesitates to ask for it.

In the wake of some wise advice from Eden, He finally accepts the temptation and submits his request; however, will it get accepted?

06. Dana faces a fresh task.

Dana decides to join John Palmer’s Bronze Medallion course as an opportunity to contribute to the local community.

Irene advises Dana to be aware that John could be angry. However, Dana is determined to start and doesn’t listen to her.

Unfortunately, John skips his morning coffee to vent his frustration at his pupils, mainly focusing on Banjo.

07. Theo suggests Kirby

Kirby wants to compose his music for Lyrik Kirby and agrees to Theo’s invitation to help.

Since the couple agreed that the time they wrote music together was their most joyful time, Kirby stands by Theo when he starts questioning his lyrics.

Then, when Kirby gets an email from the label offering her $8,000 to record her song, Theo suggests she write songs for Leah and Justin’s wedding.

08. Tane is sleeping with a different person.

Tane continues to have trouble getting over the baby’s deceit in the week.

Tane decides that the draw is the only option to take his wife out of his life, regardless of all efforts by Mali, Harper, Dana and Roo to deter Tane.

If Mali discovers in horror in the morning that Tane is bringing an unnamed woman to her home, she fears that his coping method is unhealthy.

09. John is in serious trouble.

Alf advises John that Banjo has filed an official complaint against him, alleging instances of harassment, bullying, and the like. The news is not suitable for John.

Being aware that this could harm his reputation and halt his participation in the Bronze Medallion course, John has to have a massive bite of his humility and offer Banjo his apology for the way Banjo treated Banjo.

10. Marilyn decides to have a rest.

Marilyn is known to Irene to plead for her annual vacation time so that she can go to Jett. However, her boss doesn’t understand her request and thinks she’s asking for more work.

The misinterpretation of the incident has caused Maz to be shocked, and Alf must step in and explain the situation to Irene.

Marilyn accepts her request and is eagerly preparing for her upcoming vacation.

11. Leah and Justin established the date.

Following a series of disturbing flashbacks from memories of Vita Nova’s kidnapping, Leah eventually breaks down with Justin and confesses to Justin that she requires help.

When his fiancée reveals that she’s unable to sleep because of stress, he observes until Leah turns her head away to Justin’s calming arm.

Following the next day, they agree to concentrate on the future. They decide to choose Valentine’s Day as their wedding day.

12. Mac exposes Tane’s secrets.

At night, Felicity arrives at Mac’s doorstep, asking for a conversation with Tane and Tane. However, Mac does not give in and demands that she leave.

Once Cash knows his sister’s suffering, He begs Mac to assist her.

However, Mac is honest and reveals that Tane was in the night with other women, which means he was out of the house when Felicity phoned him.

13. Mac experiences a collapse shock to the system.

Cash shares with Eden regarding the matter in shock after hearing of Tane’s hookups for one night but to wait for Felicity to hear them.

The woman hurries right up to Salt and offers Mac an abrasive beating in front of stunned diners.

Then, the situation takes an unsettling turn after Mac is thrown to the ground with her chest clenched in pain. When Felicity fears that she could have caused Mac the heart attack, Xander, Cash, as well as paramedics arrive.

Can she make it through?


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