A frightened Rhona does not want to go home. Will they be able to find her on time, before they have the courage to confront Gus?

The character of Rhona (Zoe Henry) getting to the breaking point with regard to the child Ivy drama in Emmerdale and she is able to take a snap.

The actress has been on the edge since Ivy was born and, when Gus (Alan McKenna) appearing on the doorstep, ready to become the father of her children yet again, Rhona plummeted over the real-life cliff.

When initially Gus would have preferred to take the time to re-connect with his child He’s now ready return her to her following a series of events which has shocked and scared Rhona.

In the wake of learning via Ethan (Emile John) that she doesn’t have a claim to contest the custody rights of her baby Ivy and Rhona has been pondering ways to find alternative methods to retain Ivy within her family.

A desperate Rhona isn’t ready to leave.

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However, Rhona is in a state of fright as Gus arrives, ready to have his daughter along with Gus. Gus gathers all of the things she has and is ready to bring the girl home.

Rhona says to Marlon she’s hoping Ivy acts in her father’s favor to show that he’s not prepared. It should signal to Marlon that things aren’t right in the head of Rhona.Gus has returned, and Rhona had a clue that this was on the way. (Picture: ITV)

The following day they have a meeting the next day with Gus and Rhona quickly whips her baby to her chest, and is then astonished to discover that Gus seems to be doing well. Actually and he’s determined to find the family a place to call home.

Marlon is hesitant to suggest they share a parent However, it’s not on Gus his plans. The plans of Gus include a permanent relocation to France.

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Guilt is a smack to Gus over dropping the big information, so the next day, he comes back to offer Marlon as well as Rhona the opportunity to bid them farewell. This is where he made a mistake.

Rhona is damaged, and a damaged Rhona is not rational. If Marlon returns to his home after a while when he returns home, he is shocked to discover Ivy and Rhona are gone together with their possessions.

Marlon informs Mary that they are worried about the implications to Rhona.

Are they able to locate her on time, before she has to confess to Gus?


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