Tracy’s head is completely changed. Are Ruby ready to reveal the truth regarding the things Caleb and Tracy are up to? Is there any chance to salvage Tracy and Nate’s wedding?

It wasn’t until this summer Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) and Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) got wed in Emmerdale in the wake of a mysterious spark of romance that was rekindled.

Even in the time between honeymoon and the wedding ceremony that was impromptu and was witnessed by Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) declare them husband and wife, Amy Walsh was already forecasting troublesome times for the couple who were happy.

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“It’s like a moment of bliss in the home, and all the bumps associated with it to be warned. There are a lot of roads with forks.’

For the couple, there is a sign that a important fork will soon become a reality. This could be even the end of the road for them, since the next episode Tracy will reveal to Nate and tells him she isn’t in love with Nate anymore.

Tracy’s head has been well and truly turned

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All of this comes after Tracy’s unwise relationship and Caleb Milligan (William Ash). They had agreed there was intended to be an unrestricted sexual encounter however it wasn’t too long until Tracy started to call the L word at Caleb’s front. Then his wife Ruby (Beth Cordingly) came to the village and Tracy realized she’d been misled about how “over” the marriage of Caleb had actually been.

Even though Tracy frequently informing Caleb her love for Nate but it appears that her emotions have changed since the excitement that came with the sexual affair. She isn’t able to imagine returning to her normal routine with her husband.

Tracy delivers some upsetting news (Picture: ITV)

Nate is astonished after Tracy says she isn’t in love with him any more. His feelings turn to anger when he wants to understand why. If Tracy refuses to answer, and he is unable to speak, he leaves the property and wanders about the town in a daze, struggling to comprehend what’s transpired.

He’s spotted by Caleb He is hesitantly inviting him to come back to his home.

Then it’s only a matter of time until Ruby gets involved. when Nate declares that he believes Tracy was with someone else, she sets out to discover who is Tracy’s hidden love interest. The mystery gets even more interesting as she discovers Nicky (Lewis Cope) is more knowledgeable concerning the matter than she’s been telling.

Do you think Ruby going to reveal the truth behind the activities of Caleb and Tracy are up to?

There is any hope in Tracy and Nate’s wedding?


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