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Home and Away Mackenzie and Levi have a romance that is’sealed’ But the newcomer may be hiding something

Home and Away
Home and Away

The fans from Home and Away have foreseen an exciting romance that has been brewing with Mackenzie Booth and the new doctor, Levi. Levi.

In the aftermath of a dispute against Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis), Mackenzie (Emily Weir) dropped to the floor and sank to her chest. After being transported to the hospital with a serious state, Mackenzie was greeted by cardiothoracic surgeon Levi (Tristan Gorey).

The most recent episode of the soap drama, which aired Tuesday, February 6 Levi helped Mackenzie to calm down prior to her heart procedure. First person Mackenzie met after the surgery was Levi.

He revealed she was suffering from an artery tear. However, He repaired it to ensure she was able to completely recuperate. A new doctor from Summer Bay was introduced to followers via the Home and Away’s Instagram account before the announcement of Levi’s arrival.

The announcement read “Introducing the brand new cast member of #HomeandAway” …” with an image of the newbie.Levi Dr. A fervent Summer Bay resident is in the race to bring back his life as a cardiac surgeon.”

The fans took to the discussion thread to talk about the newcomer. Some were even speculating that he may be with Mackenzie. “Mac’s girlfriend is a new one,” one exclaimed.

“I would like to see him end in Mac,” said an additional viewer. “Someone has never heard of Mac up to now I’m betting,” a third person said. Another person said that echoed this comment: “We knew it. An exciting story of love for Mac.

Concerning the doctor who is replacing him The situation, however, is not what they appear since he’s already linked by Summer Bay. In the trailers for Home and Away, Levi is the son to Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) They have an intense connection.

Following month, Remi Carter (Adam Rowland) promptly communicates to Eden of the fact that their brother is visiting town following her discovery of Levi in the hospital. Their relationship hasn’t been cultivated since the past few years and Eden continues to harbor resentments It is later discovered.

Eden discusses the details of their relationship that is strained, stating she believes that Levi became their father’s partner after his affair and the subsequent divorces from the family. Eden decides to go to the hospital, aided by the help of Cash Newman’s (Nicholas Cartwright) advice to maintain her bond with Levi in good standing.


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