Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Ed Bailey’s lies have been revealed in tragic Coronation Street scenes.

Last week, Ed pretended all of the family’s Christmas presents had been stolen after he was forced to pawn them all under threat from his friend Tony.

Ed’s gambling debts had been mounting for weeks, with Tony ordering him to pay up immediately or he’d tell the rest of the Baileys what their father had been up to.

In Wednesday’s (December 27) episode, Weatherfield PD’s Craig Tinker explained to Michael Bailey that they’d been unsuccessful thus far in tracking the burglar.

However, this changed after Sean Tully and Izzy Armstrong presented him with a wendy house for Glory to make up for the stolen gifts.

Michael quickly realised that this was actually the same house he’d bought for his daughter so he informed Craig about the potential lead.

Later, Craig called Michael and Dee-Dee Bailey to the police station with some horrifying news — he’d reviewed CCTV footage that showed Ed selling all of the gifts at a pawn shop.

Michael, Dee and Sarge were stunned as they confronted Ed with the allegations and he confessed how he’d been lying for weeks about his gambling debts.

Ed begged his children not to tell Aggie what he’d done, leaving Michael and Dee-Dee split over whether telling their mum would make things worse for the family.

Michael agreed that he wouldn’t tell Aggie, but he refused to help his father cover his debts and ordered him to move out of the family house.

While Dee-Dee tried to calm her brother down, Ed told them: “It’s fine. I think it’s for the best [that I move out].”

trevor michael georges as ed bailey in coronation streetITV

Ronnie offered to go with Ed, only to be rebuffed because his brother wanted to work everything out on his own. He was later shown posing as brother Ronnie to transfer business funds to his personal account.


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