The Institute’s leader once again manipulates Leanne.


The following story references the loss of a child.

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Leanne Battersby has rejected sister Toyah Habeeb following her tragic revelation about losing a child in Coronation Street.

Earlier this week, Leanne and Nick supported Toyah after she revealed that she’d lost a baby daughter years earlier and had buried her in the park out of fear.

Leanne was by her sister’s side as they visited baby Rose’s burial site in the park and placed a flower over her makeshift grave.

However, in Friday’s (April 26) episode, Leanne was manipulated into turning against her sister in her time of need by supposed self-help guru Rowan Cunliffe of The Institute.

Leanne was initially upset with Nick because he hadn’t immediately told her the truth Toyah’s secret when he first found out.


With Leanne stewing over the events of the week, she was relieved to see Rowan turning up at the bistro — especially as he’d suggested a private session where she could unburden herself.

Leanne left her shift at the bistro so she could have this ‘uploading session’ where she’d share some of the most sensitive details of her life.

Rowan listened intently as Leanne grew more and more distressed discussing her darkest periods before it was revealed that he’d secretly recorded her entire session.

Back at home, Toyah seemingly offended Leanne by rejecting an offer for a session with Rowan. Toyah explained that she’d just visited Rose’s grave before Leanne stopped her.


“I can’t do this,” Leanne insisted. “Sharing your pain, I just can’t. I have to prioritise myself. I just can’t absorb your trauma.”

Toyah was stunned as Leanne cheerfully moved on to discussing dinner plans. Can Toyah and Nick convince Leanne she’s being manipulated by The Institute?

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