Abi Webster (Sally Carman) is about to risk her happy life with Kevin (Michael Le Vell) in Coronation Street as she scores drugs for Paul Foreman (Peter Ash).

As 2024 gets underway in Weatherfield, focus is on Paul, who’s health has deteriorated further following his MND diagnosis.

During a chat with Todd (Gareth Pierce), Paul asks him for help with ending his life when the time comes.

As Todd refuses, Paul accepts that it’s too much to ask, but goes on to explain that he’s terrified of becoming a hostage inside his own body.

Still wanting to help his friend, Todd takes Paul to see Doctor Gaddas, but she refuses to prescribe him any morphine.

Later on, in the pub, Abi overhears Paul complaining to Todd that he couldn’t get his prescription and empathises.

At the flat, when Todd pops by, he’s surprised to see Abi there but then quickly works out Paul has asked her to score him some drugs.

While at the garage, Cassie (Claire Sweeney) offers Kevin her heartfelt thanks for giving her a second chance. Citing her forgiveness of Cassie, Kevin praises Abi’s ability to do the right thing by others.

With Paul’s request playing on her mind, a conflicted Abi makes out that she’s been called to a breakdown and hurries off.

Later, Abi meets up with Dean and buys some benzos, but fails to spot someone photographing the exchange.

But who is it, and will they tell Kevin?

And if so, what impact will this have on Abi, who has worked so hard to turn her life around?


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