Coronation Street viewers think they have figured out Daisy Midgeley and Jenny Connor’s downfall after they received Rovers Return Inn news on Friday’s episode

Coronation Street fans are convinced they’ve figured out Daisy Midgeley and Jenny Connor’s downfall after they received Rovers Return Inn news on Friday’s episode.

Only recently, the duo decided to put an offer in on the boozer, which has been closed for weeks, using stolen money. Viewers will recall that Daisy successfully accessed Jenny’s late ex-boyfriend Stephen Reid’s accounts, where he had stole from Carla Connor’s factory accounts.

Jenny was initially against Daisy’s idea to use the money to buy the Rovers but soon had a change of heart after a fiery showdown with Carla on the cobbles, where she also learnt the factory was back on track. Jenny agreed to Daisy’s plan but insisted they would eventually pay back an unaware Carla.

As part of the plan, Daisy said although publicly the pub would be Jenny’s, privately they would be equals as she wanted her name on the lease as a co-owner. On Friday night, Jenny excitedly revealed that their bid had been accepted and the Rovers is now officially theirs. Later, Daisy told Jenny that she has spoken to the Waterford’s and they’ve agreed the pub can reopen in time for New Year’s Eve.

However, with the two characters excited, viewers think they will get rumbled very soon. Taking to social media, one person said: “Jenny said she is going to pay Carla back when the profits have come in. Well how is she going to explain about why she is paying her and where the money has come from?” to which a different account put: “Seems like Jenny’s setting herself up for some explaining! I’m curious to see how she’ll handle that conversation.”

Elsewhere, one person said: “I give Daisy a week before she spills beans about the so called pub loan. Jenny wouldnt have pub without her and she knows it. #Corrie”, a different account put: “#Corrie Jenny and Daisy celebrate their successful bid for the pub. Enjoy it while you can because it won’t last long” while another added: “I can’t wait for the Rovers to open again, however I don’t know how long Jenny and Daisy think they can get away with the theft of the Underworld money. The police are going to notice sooner or later, it was always a reckless idea! #Corrie @itvcorrie.”

Revealing what is coming up with the Rovers, Coronation Street boss, Iain MacLeod, recently told the Mirror and other press: “We don’t want the Rovers shut for too long because it’s almost like a character in its own right.

“Closing it felt almost like a death – it’s almost as big a deal for me as any of the people that might have met their sticky end at the hands of Stephen Reid. The idea that the pub is boarded up was horrifying – and even walking up the lot and seeing that, it’s like a dagger to the heart.

“So it’s not going to stay closed for that long. In fact, it reopens on New Year’s Eve, but the interesting thing is that the circumstances of it becoming open again are all tied up with Stephen’s legacy.

“Somebody will do something that is at best, naughty, at worst, slightly criminal to get their hands on the keys to the pub and reopen it. So it will reopen, but the reopening of it will be based on this slightly shaky foundation of a criminal act.”

Iain added: “I suppose the viewers will be wondering: ‘Well, okay, so the pub is open, but what disaster will befall the person that’s allowed that to happen, because it’s all based on this misdeed that they’ve committed?’

“We didn’t want it to just open up again and it was like nothing had ever happened. We wanted it to open up with this kind of buried bomb underneath it that we will explode later in the year.”


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