Leah might be in serious troubles in the hands of the Police at Home and Away…

Leah Patterson (played by Ada Nicodemou) as well as Justin Morgan (James Stewart) have put their nightmare experience with Vita Nova behind them on Home and Away(1:15pm Check out the TV Guide for listings).
OR Are they?

Leah may be in big problems when it comes to the Police at Home and Away…

Home and Away EP 8159 Justin (J.STEWART) is alarmed when he finds Leah (A.NICODEMOU) in hospital being interviewed by Rose (K.MARILLIER)

Justin gets scared when he hears from the policewoman Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier) about his fiancée Leah was injured in a crash…

Justin is rushed for Northern District Hospital where he discovers Leah with a broken face.

But Rose has questions.

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Why did Leah go through an intersection with a red light?

The woman could have triggered the cause of a major traffic collision!

Rose is required to do everything according to the rules and also breathalyze Leah.

Home and Away EP 8159 Justin (J.STEWART) is alarmed when he finds Leah (A.NICODEMOU) in hospital being interviewed by Rose (K.MARILLIER) HAA_0383

Could it be there is a chance Leah had a drink in her system?

At home Leah tells Justin the real reason why she was driving through a stop light at red…

Could Leah might be now facing Police charge?Rose is able to take breathalyser Leah in the aftermath of the incident Home and Away… (Image Credit: Endemol Shine Australia)

Is it possible that John Palmer (Shane Withington) been able to make things a lot worse for himself following an incident the company of Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher)?

Alf is doing all he can to stop John being fired from his position as a member of the Surf Club, after the complainant was Banjo Henderson.

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The estate agent father of Banjo, Simon has threatened to take his money as a sponsorship of the Surf Club unless long-time manager John gets fired!

If John is next to meet Alf John, he is informed of some really BAD announcement in fact…


Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson) is eager to share her thrilling new news with the rest the group.

The singer has received just the sum of $8000 in royalties for songwriting from a record company!

Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) and Remi Carter (Adam Rowland) Both are curious about what Kirby will spend her money.

What Will Lyrik respond after they discover how Kirby plans to make with the money?

Kirby has big information for the band regarding Home and Away!


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