Even as Felicity on Home and Away puts on a strong facade for her ex-partner Tane, she’s in a breakdown.

A businesswoman, Flick (Jacqui Purvis), starts a relationship after gaining encouragement from her best friend, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo). She is, however, hesitant about the idea of actually acting on something.

Jacqui shares with TV WEEK, “It’s been a massive learning curve.” “It’s time for Flick to step back and work out what she wants.”

A chance presents itself at Salt on the following day by way of a dashing man. He provides her his contact number printed on a napkin following an unintentional flirtation.

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Watching the exchange, Xander (Luke Van Os) advises Flick to try it and give him a phone call. But, the call only rings once, and then Flick abruptly cuts off the line and falls into panic attacks. The paramedic, Xander, is there to help.

If Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), Eden’s lover, returns from his suspension evaluation, his supervisors will allow him to return to the police force, but only with a few responsibilities. He is, however, unwilling to comply with the conditions set by his supervisors!

Concerning his character’s decision to snap, Nicholas says, “Cash has moments where he questions himself and isn’t sure he’s made the right choices.”

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Does this mean that Cash is no longer an officer? If it is, what is he going to take next?


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