Emmerdale actor Zoe Henry has hinted that her character Rhona Goskirk is supported by her husband Marlon when she defends the baby Ivy.

Rhona and Marlon discovered themselves at odds this month when they were left unintentionally taking charge of Ivy during Christmas time.

Marlon has repeatedly expressed her concern about the possible dangers of Rhona becoming too attracted to Ivy and being removed over time. Rhona has always stood up for their right to remain a part of Ivy’s life.

However, when she spoke to Digital Spy along with other media outlets regarding whether Marlon will remain behind Rhona in the coming shows, Zoe teased: “If I had been asked that question in the past month, I’d have replied: ‘Absolutely not I’m sure he’d walk out of the door.’

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“But having read the scripts we’re currently shooting, I think Marlon would have Rhona’s back.”

She said: “Obviously, Marlon softens towards Ivy because she’s a little girl, and he’s extremely good with her. However, he is aware of how Rhona was there for him during her stroke. He’s got to think about it.

Marlon realizes that If he wants his marriage to endure, he must help Rhona. He’s in love with the baby at this moment.

“He’s fallen head over heels in love with Ivy, which is a lovely twist.”


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Ivy was born to the world following Rhona’s ex-husband, Gus Malcoms, who had fraudulently utilized the frozen embryos of one of them to begin an unplanned family with his newlywed wife, Lucy. Unfortunately, Lucy died after having given birth to Ivy.

Even though Rhona has been informed that she is not legally entitled to the right to Ivy, however, she has been caring for Ivy while Gus takes time off to heal from his loss.

This week’s episode sees Gus returning to his village and ultimately forcing Rhona to make a “drastic” decision as she fights for her life to retain Ivy as a part of her.

Emmerdale is shown weekly on weeknights at 7.30 pm on ITV1 and streamed through ITVX.


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