Emmerdale has at last settled the secret of who was driving when Heath Trust was killed.

New spoilers delivered by the ITV cleanser have affirmed a turn in the continuous question between Cathy Trust and Angelica Ruler.

Last week, Cathy drove off from the town with Heath and Angelica in the front seats as the youngsters generally headed out to Another Year’s Eve party together.

Heath passed on in a lamentable mishap during the excursion, yet Cathy has demanded that Angelica had taken over controlling everything by this point.

Angelica has fought that Cathy is lying – and Cathy’s story is in any event, being questioned by her dad Sway.

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Emmerdale has now affirmed that Angelica is the person who has been misleading everybody throughout recent days.

Spoiler pictures show Angelica battle upon the arrival of Heath’s memorial service as she keeps on concealing her culpability.

An authority outline delivered by Emmerdale peruses: “In the memorial park, Heavenly messenger’s overpowered with culpability. Will she at last admit that she was driving the vehicle the day Heath passed on?”

The disclosure demonstrates that Cathy has been coming clean and is really crushed that Sway keeps on questioning her.

It’s likewise certain to have repercussions for Nicola and Jimmy Ruler, who right now put stock in Angelica’s honesty. Will Angelica admit to her folks?

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Emmerdale’s maker Laura Shaw recently affirmed that the Heath story would significantly affect the companionship between the Expectation and Lord families moving advances.

Talking last month, Shaw remarked: “There will be misfortune in the town in January that will influence two of our most-cherished families.

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“It’s at last going to destroy kinships and change the elements of one of those families until the end of time.”


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