Bob and Brenda have some exciting news to share.

who killed heath in emmerdale spoilers

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has confirmed Cathy Hope’s future as a resident of the village after she was charged with murdering her twin brother, Heath.

Angelica King and her family are awaiting the court date of Angelica’s father, Bob Hope, who shares the good news about Cathy with Brenda Walker.

Heath died on New Year’s Eve after Cathy and Angelica took him on a ride.

Cathy is blamed for this incident, as she was driving Wendy Posner’s vehicle at the time of the crash. Last week’s episode confirmed that Angelica had been going during the collision.


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Angelica told Jimmy and Nicola that she was lying but later came clean to the police about the situation and cleared Cathy’s record.

Angelica was faced with the harsh reality when she received a formal charge of causing death through dangerous driving.

Angelica is preparing for a crucial hearing next week. Jimmy and Nicola were told that Angelica would likely receive a jail sentence and wondered how they should break this news to her.

Bob and Brenda cross the path of the family as they are leaving.


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Bob and Brenda confirmed dismissing all charges brought against Cathy, allowing her to move forward without any uncertainty.

Cathy & Bob both pledged not to fight after the truth of Heath’s murder was established. Can they move on?

These scenes will be aired on Emmerdale on Thursday, the 1st of February.

Emmerdale Emmerdale Airs weeknights at 7.30 pm ITV1 or streams via ITVX.

Emmerdale spoilers are available on this dedicated page.


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