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The next week, on Emmerdale Chas shares with her family the recent news of her diagnosis. Aaron, however, responds keeping his distance.

Jimmy and Nicola worry that Angelica is about to leave them, while Jai takes a major decision regarding his career.

This is a collection of all 11 big moments that are coming.

1. Cain disregards doctor’s orders at hospital


Cain is recovering in the hospital after his violent confrontation between Aaron. Moira, who had been by her husband’s bedside for hours, is relieved to see him awake.

Cain’s doctor checks him out and encourages him to remain at the hospital as long as possible. He needs to be in bed. This is ignored by the bad boy, who insists upon discharging himself.

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Cain is concerned about Moira’s use of painkillers when he returns home. He storms off after she confronts her. Moira feels relieved that Cain has returned and revealed what was bothering him.

2. Aaron is the target of a backlash


Aaron asks Chas how Cain’s doing following their fight. She is visibly upset with him and takes it out on him. Mack tells Aaron he is unforgiving and that Aaron deserves to get what he has coming.

After Cain’s release from hospital, all the Dingles come together to show their support for him, and Aaron is a clear outsider, after what happened the week before.

3. Chas takes a major decision


Liam asks Chas why she is so determined to hide her diagnosis of breast cancer from her family. After Liam urges Chas to get support, she decides to finally tell her family the truth.

Chas interrupts an argument in the pub to tell her family about it. Aaron is the only one who does not support her, but everyone else seems to be shocked.

4. Aaron is about to depart


Aaron, unwilling to help Chas get through her illness and decides it is time to go away from the village. Chas’s heart breaks when she learns of his plan.

Mack intervenes finally and tells Aaron that he needs to be more rational. Mack is persistent in trying to reach Aaron, who dismisses Mack’s friend.

5. Chas makes more decisions


Chas and Paddy agree to work together to inform Eve of her cancer diagnosis. Paddy, however, is disappointed to learn that Chas wants Eve to go on vacation without him.

The Dingles gather together to send Chas on her way. Chas’s surprise is heightened when Mandy, who has been supportive of her friend Paddy, hands over the wads of money.

6. Nicola and Jimmy get some worrying news


When Angelica confesses, the Kings are anxious to know when her court date will be set.

Nicola becomes more worried when Ethan tells her Angelica will likely face a jail sentence.

7. Jimmy has a hard confession


Bob is shocked when Jimmy tells him that he told Angelica to lie to avoid being arrested. Bob’s fury grows when he realizes that Jimmy is willing to allow Cathy to suffer for the mistake of his daughter.

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Nicola is increasingly upset by Angelica’s imprisonment. Jimmy, who is struggling to watch his wife suffer so much as a result of Angelica’s imprisonment, reverts back to his original plan. He considers urging Angelica to change her mind by telling people that she was not guilty. Nicola eventually convinces Jimmy this is not a good idea.

8. There is news on Cathy


Brenda and Bob cross paths as Nicola, Jimmy and Angelica head to court.

Brenda and Bob confirm with pleasure that the charges have been dropped against Cathy now that police are aware that she had falsely been accused.

9. Jai quits his job


Jai lies about being sick to avoid having to do work with Amit in The Hide. Laurel is frustrated by the fact that they can’t settle their disagreements.

Gabby insults Jai in front of his colleagues, causing him to quit.

10. Moira lies about Charity


Moses is able to sense Charity’s distress, even though she continues to hide it. Moses goes AWOL when the circumstances start to impact him.

Moira discovers what is going on, and she checks with Charity who keeps lying to her.

11. Lydia is worried about her wedding


Lydia and Sam were taken by surprise the first time they had a small fight since Lydia’s ordeal.

Lydia begins to worry that Sam doesn’t care about her. Can they work it out?

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