In a brand new story, Felicity Newman from Home and Away is going through an anxiety attack as she tries to leave her former husband, Tane Parata.

In the first of the episodes, which premiered in the UK beginning in March and then in Australia next week, Felicity is persuaded to have a second go at dating by her acquaintances. However, the business owner is scared to leave Tane after having a conversation with an unknown person.

Motivated by Eden Fowler, Felicity makes the courageous choice to risk her life. The next day, the dapper stranger walks through Salt and gives her the perfect opportunity.

After a flirtation that was not so innocent and a few flirting moments, the man writes Felicity his address on the napkin, and the two click away. Xander Delaney, watching their conversation, suggests she call the stranger and try it out.

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However, Felicity soon realizes that the thought of having an intimate relationship with the stranger is too much for her to take on, and she ends the call a few seconds after making the call before crashing into an anxiety attack.

Will Felicity be able to leave her romantic partner, although paramedic Xander will be there to help her through this entire episode?

Jacqui Purvis, an actor, described the story as the plot was a “learning curve” for Felicity.

“It’s been a massive learning curve,” she told TV Week. She added: “It’s time for Flick to step back and work out what she wants.”

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Tane as well as Felicity were married for a time. Still, their relationship ended after Tane learned that the owner, Salt Salt, had been lying to him about wanting to test for a baby and had been secretly taking contraceptives without ever telling him.

Felicity was then confronted with the fact that her marriage had ended after Tane revealed that he could not accept her lying despite his hopes of a reunion.


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