She is on stage at an performance.

Denise disrupts a fortune-telling ceremony in The Vic, sparking concern from Kathy, Stacey and Suki because she is a complete mess. They are amazed at the moment Denise invites them to join her on stage to seek advice during this time of uncertainty.

In the future, Denise’s grasp of reality deteriorates after she’s returned her house.

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While this is happening, Linda worries when Alfie text her asking for a more detailed explanation of the things she had said earlier. Linda has a meeting with Alfie and tries to keep her off.

And, Phil tries to gift Kat some cash, however, she turns it over. Phil wants Kat to return home, however she isn’t able to forgive him. In the following days, Kat and Nish toast their independence.

Additionally, Amy feels neglected by Denzel since he’s too worried about his fitness.


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