Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) and Caleb Milligan (William Ash) were involved with each other in Emmerdale. However, the appearance of Caleb’s spouse, Ruby (Beth Cordingly), lately has ended the shady activity.

Caleb was surprised by the appearance of his spouse and fiancee, with whom he had been gaged in divorce just this week. Then, the situation changed after their frenzied love was shattered with the help of Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter).

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While looking over Tracy’s mobile, Nate was convinced that she was involved in relations with Caleb, who was out looking to stop them from getting caught for the shady act.

The sight of Caleb and Ruby shook him in the latest scenes, and He confessed to looking at Tracy’s mobile phone. He apologized to her about his suspicions.

He confessed that he knew she wouldn’t be with Caleb since his wife was in the room; Tracy was in shock and felt quite betrayed.

When Tracy and Nate prepared to depart the home the following day, they came upon Caleb, Ruby and their son Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope). the tense encounter resulted in the couple being invited to beverages at the Woolpack in the Woolpack, where Ruby was scheduled to introduce herself to the Milligan family.

While Ruby often referred to herself as a wife to Caleb, she was always sure to remind the entire family that they were going through a divorce process, which Ruby wasn’t prepared to take on.

If Nicky asked his mom what brought her back to her family, she explained that she had a friend who needed to stop the divorce.

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In the meantime, Caleb tried to assure Tracy that he was equally displeased with Ruby’s appearance as she was and that she would not be there for very long.

It was, however, a small and too late for Tracy when she asked about the question of what yesterday was all about.

In the same breath, Caleb declared that it was a lot of money from Tracy; she spent most of her time “fawning on Nate and fawning over Nate in front of him. Tracy admitted that she had ended their relationship, which left Caleb stunned.

While making excuses to avoid headaches, She convinced Nate to take her away, leaving Caleb no opportunity to experiment and change her opinion.

Does this mean the end is near for Caleb as well as Tracy?


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