The surprise came to Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) during the episode last week’s Emmerdale when he was suspicious of his spouse Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) had been involved in a variety of activities in a relationship with Caleb Milligan (William Ash).

Invading the house of Caleb He was expecting to see Tracy as well as Caleb trapped in a situation that could be dangerous However, he instead saw Caleb along with his ex-wife Ruby (Beth Cordingly). They were also behaving in a manner which suggested that Ruby might not be quite as “ex” as Caleb might have us think.

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Since Caleb came to the village we’ve heard about his wife quite often, particularly in the time Caleb was trying to get revenge on Kim Tate (Claire King).

One of the explanations that he explained to Nicky Milligan ( Lewis Cope) concerning what he was doing was the desire to make use of his funds to help secure the future of her mother however this did not turn out to be the truth.

In the upcoming episodes, Ruby is seen to be a presence throughout the entire village.

“She’s a firecracker, as well as a troublemaker and I believe that she will be loved by people or dislike her,’ Beth Cordingly told the press at the time her casting was announced.

Nicky is thrilled to have her mother there, Caleb is trying to appear as if that he’s not enjoying the company of Ruby in the area, but in reality he does.

Ruby is eager to meet the family of Caleb and plans to hold a meal for all the family members. Unaware the fact that Caleb and Tracy share a special connection, she invites Nate as well as Tracy to lunch with her as well. Tracy isn’t keen however Nate encourages her to join.

Ruby is worried about presenting an impression. So she drinks her wine early. Despite her nervousness it’s an absolute success, and everyone enjoys her warm hospitality.

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Then Ruby remarks which alters the atmosphere of the occasion and the situation quickly turns into chaos.

The producer Kate Brooks told us that “Ruby’s love affair with Caleb is full of an unrelenting passion, which is manifested as the most turbulent relationship. Then add Caleb’s secret love Tracy for added drama this is a highly explosive scenario.

Are you sure Tracy going to to regret her decision to go with Ruby to her lunch?


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