Cain and Aaron continue to fight despite the shocking revelations of an unrelated family person.

The EMMERDALE fan base has angered at Cain Dingle and claim they do not know him anymore following the blow Cain Dingle delivered Aaron Dingle a devastating blow.

The nephew and uncle were brutally fought in a few instances after Aaron’s surprise appearance last year.

Emmerdale fans are angry in anger Cain Dingle after he delivered the most crushing punch to Aaron Dingle. Source Unknown, Clear with the picture desk

The nephew and uncle have fought on a variety of occasions in recent times. Credit: ITV

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Cain was angry at himself for not delivering on his promise at AaronCredit: ITV

In the past, Cain threatened to do the unthinkable and eliminate Aaron forever, but was unable to see the plan through.

This week this week, the Dingle family was shocked by the cancer diagnosis, after she finally came out to them.

It didn’t keep Cain Aaron and Aaron from arguing again in the same manner, and Cain going as the extent of comparing his son to the abusive father of his, Gordon Livesy.

Cain’s behavior has raised concerns about his spouse Moira as well. During an intimate conversation, Cain’s troubled mechanic shared some of the things that were troubling him.

He stated: “I shouldn’t have let the man go. Aaron. This isn’t what I do, is it? I was the person I was used to being would have taken care of his affairs, dealt with all of the above, but I’m no longer the same person anymore.

“I’m just a prank. “The authentic Cain Dingle is dead.”

Emmerdale viewers weren’t impressed by the things Cain made or said during the week’s episode as they went to X which was previously Twitter for a rant.

One had written “So this is what Cain was so concerned about? He didn’t complete Aaron in the first opportunity? The fact that he’s no longer the person that he was? are you f***ing kidding me?”

The couple added to their later Tweet: “As I said, I’m f****** angry. I was a fan of Cain particularly the connection he shared with Aaron But this latest Eps Yeah Cain You’re correct I’m not familiar with you any more. However, that’s not because you’re not sufficient!”

A fan wrote: “why did Cain feel that he had to make a comparison between Aaron with his father, the alleged child rapist because he was cowardly? Like yeah, sure his behavior wasn’t perfect but being in comparison to the person who assaulted him is a joke. ***.”

A third person wrote: “I know Aaron has suffered terribly lately. He was trying to process the news regarding Chas. It was a step away from Cain saying he was like Gordon.”


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