Robert Beck made a return to Emmerdale in 2023 and it didn’t end well for his character

Corrie star Jane Danson shares loved-up tribute to Emmerdale husband Robert Beck (Image: Instagram)

Robert Beck has the rare feat of playing multiple characters in Emmerdale

As fans know, he was a regular fixture in the 1990s as Gavin Ferris. After leaving the ITV soap, he enjoyed a number of roles.

In 2023, Robert Beck returned to Emmerdale in a new role as a mysterious villain. In real-life, the acting star is married to Coronation Street’s Jane Danson. The couple’s romance started at the first ever British Soap Awards in 1999.

This marked the start of their life-long love story. Over the years, Jane has often taken to social media to share her love and admiration for her husband.

Take a scroll below and find out more about Robert Beck’s life.

Robert Beck’s first Emmerdale role

How Robert Beck looked in Emmerdale and how he looked in 2023
How Robert Beck looked in Emmerdale and how he looked in 2023

In the 1990s, Robert Beck played Gavin Ferris in the ITV soap. Gavin was the boyfriend of Bernice Blackstock, played by Samantha Giles, for a while and worked in The Woolpack.

In December 1999, Gavin and Bernice split up after she and Tricia caught Gavin and Tricia’s boyfriend Jason Kirk kissing.

Bernice trashed his stuff, said she still loved Gavin but felt she could not give him another chance because her ex-husband Anthony Binns was also gay. Gavin left Emmerdale soon after.

Returning to Emmerdale…as a new character

Robert Beck returned to the ITV hit soap after 24 years in 2023. Ahead of his TV appearance, his Coronation Street star wife Jane Danson has shared a loved-up tribute as he celebrated his birthday.

Robert’s 2023 role had nothing to do with Gavin with him playing villain Damon ‘Harry’ Harris. He was revealed to be father of Chloe Harris with his being killed on Boxing Day 2023.

We’ll have to see if Robert Beck returns, down the line, to play a third Emmerdale character.

As ever, we’ll continue to bring you the big Emmerdale news about what is happening in the village. You can visit our Emmerdale homepage to find the latest gossip about the soap and its stars.


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