Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Amit Sharma has finally been caught out by his son Jai in Emmerdale.

Jai discovered his biological father’s dodgy dealings in Wednesday’s (March 27) episode, after originally being warned by Eric Pollard that Amit was up to no good.

Although Jai dismissed Eric’s warning, he discovered that Amit was keeping some very dark secrets in the latest instalment.

Eric was initially discouraged, admitting to Vinny and Rodney that Amit probably would have “dispatched” him if Jai hadn’t been at Holdgate for the confrontation as well.

amit sharma in emmerdale

Jai started to suspect Amit was up to something when his father volunteered to take HOP’s takings to the bank.

He decided to follow his dad, where he witnessed Amit using the money from the HOP to pay off the woman who’s been threatening him in secret meetings.

“It’s a down payment,” he told the loanshark. “I can get you the rest in instalments.”

Amit promised the woman he could get more money from the HOP to pay her off, since he’d soon have the business making cash “like water from a tap”.

When Amit later told Gabby and Suni that he’d lost their money in a mugging, Jai suspiciously eyed his father and tried to trip up his explanation.

Jai then went to see Eric to admit that he should have listened to the warnings, before proposing they work together.

“Amit is a liar, a conman and a thief,” Jai told Eric. “I saw him today, handing over the takings from the Hide to that loanshark.”

jai sharma in emmerdale

He then realised: “Amit’s been playing us all, looking for weakness. He’s a predator… Amit has had us all in his sights to rip us off, to exploit us.”

Since both now understood that Amit must have been behind Rishi’s death, Jai asked for “watertight” evidence from Eric so they could bring the villain down.

The soap has previously hinted that Amit may have been behind Rishi’s death, as the brothers were due for a big inheritance just before the mysterious incident.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.


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