Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week’s Coronation Street will see Sarah cover for Damon in the aftermath of Adam’s kidnap, while Bethany’s return ruins Daisy’s hopes of reconciling with Daniel.

Meanwhile, Paul suffers a fall as his condition deteriorates.

Here’s a look at 17 big moments coming up.

1. The Rovers reopens

coronation street

With the Rovers’ future now secured, Jenny, Daisy, Sean, Glenda, Gemma and the locals all band together to prepare for the grand reopening.

Jenny, Glenda, Sean and Gemma prepare deliberately bad taste clothes for the occasion, but their clothing choices offend one customer in particular.

2. Adam and Sarah grow closer

sarah barlow, adam barlow, coronation streetITV

Adam is surprised to see Sarah dressed up and assumes she’s heading out on a date, so he saves face by pretending he has a date lined up too.

At the Bistro, Sarah and Adam both admit that neither is on a date, and when Adam offers to buy Sarah a drink, sparks fly between the former couple.

3. Adam is kidnapped

adam barlow, sarah barlow, coronation streetITV

Sarah supports Adam through another panic attack and when she suggests that they meet for a drink, Adam is hopeful that they can put the past behind them and reunite.

When they meet up later, Sarah promises to help Adam deal with his ongoing anxiety issues.

As the pair say goodbye for the night, they’re unaware that they’re being watched by Damon. Once the coast is clear, Adam is suddenly thrown into the back of a van by a mystery thug and tied up. How will Adam escape?

4. Sarah covers for Damon

damon, sarah barlow, coronation streetITV

When Adam spots Damon in the Bistro, he’s quick to call the police to tip them off.

Meanwhile, Nick and Leanne are taken aback to see Damon again and are shocked when Damon asks them for the money that he gave Harvey to invest in the Bistro.

Craig arrives to question Damon about the kidnap, but Adam receives a shock when Sarah covers for Damon, providing him with an alibi for the time of the attack.

5. Bethany returns

bethany platt, coronation streetITV

Bethany makes her return in time for New Year’s Eve and Daniel is delighted to be reunited with his ex.

Meanwhile, Daisy is still pining for Daniel and urged by Jenny to try and make amends with a New Year’s kiss. Daisy decides to follow Jenny’s advice but is hurt by what she witnesses.

Later, Daisy confides in Jenny that Daniel appears to be falling for his ex.

6. Jenny outs Bethany and Daniel

jenny connor, coronation streetITV

Bethany surprises the Platts with her return, and Gail suggests they celebrate with a family lunch – unaware that Bethany actually arrived the night before and met up with Daniel.

When Daisy notices Bethany in the street and points her out to Jenny, Jenny can’t resist revealing to Sarah, Gail and David that Bethany slept with Daniel on New Year’s Eve.

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7. Bethany and Daisy clash

bethany platt, coronation streetITV

In a bid to distract herself, Daisy throws herself into work at The Rovers, but her nose is put out of joint when Jenny shoots down her ideas to boost business.

However, when Bethany makes a dig about how empty the pub is, Daisy takes matters into her own hands and implements one of her money-making ideas.

8. Summer has a surprise for Paul

summer spellman, coronation streetITV

Billy and Paul suspect that Summer is up to something when she sends a mysterious message and reveals she’s heading out for a couple of hours.

When she returns, she tells Paul that her uni lecturer, Dewey, has offered to take Paul for a ride on his motorbike’s sidecar.

Paul’s excitement turns to disappointment when Dewey arrives without the sidecar. Paul is humiliated when Billy and Summer strain to lift him onto the pillion instead and orders them to put him down.

9. Paul suffers a fall

paul foreman, coronation streetITV

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Billy tries to lift Paul’s spirits by suggesting a holiday together.

Meanwhile, the reality of Paul’s illness is driven home when he receives his voice talker apparatus and is disappointed further when Billy reveals that the travel insurance costs for their holiday are extortionate due to his condition.

When Gemma and David learn of the cancelled holiday plans, they decide to cheer Paul up with some jugs of sangria. Afterwards, David helps Paul home, but Paul insists that he doesn’t have to hang around as his new PA, Moses, will be there soon.

With Moses running late, Paul tries to get into his wheelchair to go to the bathroom, but crashes to the ground.

10. Dee-Dee plays peacemaker

embargo 12122023 0001, dee dee bailey, ed bailey, michael bailey, coronation streetITV

With Ed still staying on Dee-Dee’s sofa after his gambling habit was revealed, Dee-Dee insists that they call a family meeting and work on a solution.

Ed confesses to Dee-Dee that he will be sad to sell the builder’s yard, but he’s determined to clear his debts and is seeking help from his gambling support group.

Meanwhile, Michael refuses to entertain Dee-Dee’s suggestion that Ed move back home, and Sarge realises that something needs to be done.

11. Ed makes a deal with Damon

ed bailey, damon hay, coronation streetITV

Damon offers Ed a job renovating a bar and reveals that he plans to get back the money invested in the Bistro, so will be able to pay Ed before he has to sell the builder’s yard.

When Dee-Dee hears about Ed’s deal with Damon, she’s immediately concerned and warns Ed to pull out while he still can.

12. Cassie tries to cover up her accident

abi webster, cassie plummer, coronation streetITV

Having been led to believe by Cassie that Abi could be responsible for scratching a customer’s car, Kevin tells Abi that he’s booked it into the bodyshop to be fixed next week.

Cassie forms a plan and makes out she phoned the car’s owner by mistake, and the customer threatens to sue when he sees the damage to his car.

Cassie promises the customer that the car will be as good as new by tomorrow and is secretly pleased to see Kevin blame Abi for the incident.

13. Kevin takes his anger out on Abi

kevin webster, abi, cassie, coronation streetITV

Roy tells Cassie that he can’t let Abi take the blame for scratching the car and Cassie agrees to tell Kevin the truth.

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Before she can come clean, Cassie is taken aback when Kevin offers her a permanent job and she decides to keep silent.

Later, the car’s owner arrives, and he refuses to pay his bill due to the damage. Stressed, Kevin lashes out at Abi.

14. Damon meets up with Harvey

damon, coronation streetITV

While Damon and Ed talk business, Bethany realises who Damon is and labels him a homewrecker for coming between Sarah and Adam.

However, Damon has more pressing things on his mind when he receives a phone call and makes a hasty exit.

In the prison visiting room, Damon meets up with his half-brother Harvey. What does he want from Damon?

15. Stu keeps the truth from Eliza

yasmeen metcalfe, stu carpenter, eliza woodrow , coronation streetITV

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Stu reveals to Yasmeen and Alya that he’s considering telling Eliza the truth about his recent decision to pay Dom £10,000 to stay out of Eliza’s life.

Stu fears that Eliza is blaming herself for Dom’s disappearance, but Yasmeen suggests he keeps quiet as the truth could be even more damaging for Eliza.

16. Evelyn fears seeing Terry

evelyn plummer, coronation streetITV

Tyrone informs Evelyn and Roy that Terry has been charged ahead of his hearing and is hopeful that he’ll plead guilty.

On the day of the hearing, it’s clear to Tyrone that Evelyn is afraid when she refuses to accompany him to the hearing and makes out that she has other plans.

Later, Tyrone reveals that Terry pleaded guilty and is awaiting his sentence.

17. Carla gives Bobby a job

carla, bobby, coronation streetITV

Having agreed to let her nephew Bobby stay for the foreseeable, Carla is less than impressed when she catches him helping herself to her wine and insists that he gets a job.

After giving Bobby a tour of the factory, Carla offers him a trial job on the sales team.


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