In Coronation Street spoilers tonight (Wednesday, January 3), Paul’s health declines as he’s left in the flat alone whilst waiting for Moses.

Needing the toilet, Paul tries to reach his wheelchair but ends up falling to the floor.

But, will anyone be able to find Paul in the flat and help him in Coronation Street spoilers?

Coronation Street spoilers: Paul suffers a fall

Tonight, Paul’s voice talker arrives as he plays some of his pre-recorded phrases via the app.

Realising that the cost of travel insurance is too high, Paul suggests to Billy that they forget about the holiday.

Gemma and David feel bad for Paul as they learn of his cancelled holiday plans and try to cheer him up with some sangria.

As David helps a drunk Paul back to the flat, Paul tells him to go home as Moses is due to arrive soon.

However, when Moses doesn’t show up straight away, Paul tries to get on his wheelchair so that he can go to the toilet. Sadly, he fails to reach it and falls to the ground. But, will Moses soon appear and help Paul?

Abi talks to Cassie and Kevin on Corrie
Abi won’t be happy about this (Credit: ITV)

Kevin promotes Cassie

Roy tells Cassie that he can’t go along with letting Abi believe that she scratched the Porsche.

As Cassie tries to bring herself round to telling Kevin the truth, she stops herself when he offers her a permanent job.

The Porsche owner soon turns up but explains that he won’t be paying the bill due to the damage.

Kev continues to blame Abi for the scratch, but will Cassie admit to being the true culprit?

Dee-Dee worries about Ed (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Ed teams up with Damon

With the Bistro money, Damon reveals to Ed that he can pay him to do a bar renovation before he has to sell the builder’s yard.

Dee-Dee can’t believe that Ed’s done a deal with Damon and warns him to cut ties with him. But, will Ed listen to his daughter’s advice?

Daniel is happy about Bethany’s return (Credit: ITV)

Daniel has hope for Bethany

Over drinks in the Bistro, Daniel tells Ken that he’s getting on well with Bethany. But, will things continue to go this way?

Terry talking to Tyrone on Corrie
Terry is going to be sentenced (Credit: ITV)

Terry pleads guilty

Tyrone worries about Evelyn as she reveals that she won’t be attending Terry’s court hearing.

He later announces that Terry has pleaded guilty and will soon be sentenced. But, can Evelyn breathe a sigh of relief?


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