Emmerdale viewers are convinced that Vinny Dingle remembers everything as his fate was finally revealed after getting attacked by Tom King.

As viewers know Tom has been controlling Belle since they got back together earlier this year. He has gone to extreme measures to ensure that he had Belle all to himself as he put cameras in their home and secretly placed a tracker on her phone.

Last night Tom left the village for a work trip but he still kept an eye on Belle through their cameras. He decided to come home after Belle turned the camera off when Vinny came over to spend time with her.

When Tom arrived no one was home. Elsewhere Belle and Vinny were on a dog walk when she complained about her broken phone.

Vinny offered to fix it but things turned sinister when Tom tracked the location and sounded Vinny by himself – Tom then struck Vinny on the head.

During tonight’s episode of the ITV hit soap, fans found out that Vinny was alive and on the road to recovery after Mandy and Lydia found him at the scrapyard.

He was rushed to hospital and after having a CT scan doctors confirmed that he would make a full recovery.

As expected Tom didn’t want Belle to go anywhere near the hospital as he was worried that she would find out the truth so he insisted on going on her behalf.

Once he got to the hospital, Tom looked stressed and it didn’t take long for him to quizz Mandy on what Vinny remembered from the attack.

Vinny insisted that he couldn’t remember anything but viewers watching at home are convinced that Vinny knows what Tom did as they also questioned why police haven’t looked at any CCTV.

@Momrocks50 Tweeted: “I think Vinny remembered #Emmerdale.” @1stLadyHooligan said: “Tom’s worried about Vinny aye right Tom’s only worried that Vinny will remember him or something to put him in the frame for attacking him.”

@Itt39354118 commented: “Bet Vinny knows who clobbered him #emmerdale.” @RyanTheSoapking wrote: “Belle will end up looking after Vinny – so Tom battering Vinny would have been for nothing. #Emmerdale.”

@runninoncaffine said: “Jay is vile and I think Vinny knows it’s Tom I hope he does #Emmerdale.” @Helz2011 commented: “Let’s hope Vinny doesn’t mention CCTV in front of Tom, he’ll be straight round to rip it out #emmerdale.”

While @WendyDavies1967 added: “So guessing they’ll be no CCTC or anybody that spotted Tom returning to the village, especially as he was shouting and cursing #emmerdale.”


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