It was the day Angelica’s listening

Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) is a nemesis to Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) in Emmerdale in her struggle to accept the fact of the reality of her daughter Angelica (Rebecca Bakes) being sent to prison.

In the Thursday’s (February 1) episode of the ITV soap the King family went to the courtroom after Angelica admitted to having caused the death of Heath’s (Sebastian Dowling) fatal accident as a result of reckless driving.

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Even though Ethan (Emile John) told Nicola yesterday that the judge is likely to give Angelica the punishment of a prison sentence and she was holding on the hope that something might appear to spare her daughter from being in jail.

With an hour left before the trial, Nicola debated using Cathy’s (Gabrielle Dowling) PMDD in her favor and believed they could create into a tale of Angelica getting pressured to drive the vehicle.

It was the day Angelica’s auditionRelated

When Nicola as well as Jimmy (Nick Miles) learned that Cathy’s case had been dismissed, Nicola wondered if that could be a signal that the whole situation would end up falling apart which would mean Angelica won’t be penalized also.

However, that was not the situation. Angelica admitted to being a murderer through reckless driving, so regardless of what the circumstances or what kind of person she’s to deal with the consequences.

After returning home from court, Nicola and Jimmy sat Angelica down to discuss what the following part of the trial will be an order from the Judge.

Bob isn’t coping (Picture:I ITV)

In the beginning, Angelica believed she would have to go to a an event for the community, but parents of hers said that there’s only one option left to take Angelica to a juvenile detention facility.

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After a shocked Angelica ran to the upstairs room, Nicola headed outside to take a breather.

On her way to the park when she was walking, she came across Bob at the entrance of the pub.

There was nothing to lose, Nicola asked Bob if it was possible for him to talk to authorities the following week. Simply put, Nicola wanted Bob’s help to ensure that Angelica doesn’t have to face a sever consequence for stealing Heath away from his care.

It is not surprising that Bob was furious at the suggestion. He informed Nicola apology doesn’t count any more, the most important thing is consequences, and he is hoping that the judge will make Angelica really suffer.

Bob said to Nicola she should know that he would like her daughter imprisoned for ‘as long years’ as is possible however, he made it crystal explicit that, regardless of consequence, no punishment will ever suffice for the hardships the Kings have forced on the Hopes through.

A broken Nicola was then thrown to the ground in tears Her daughter was sent to jail, and she has no way to prevent the process.


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