The soap icon further requested for her body to be burned after her death at an Rochdale dementia home

EMMERDALE legend Meg Johnson left PS375,000 in her will, probate documents show.

The beloved actress – the real name is Margaret Foster – played Pearl Ladderbanks in Emmerdale between 2003 and 2022, before her death last July at the age of 86.

1Meg Johnson, who played Pearl Ladderbanks in Emmerdale, put aside PS375,000 in her will: Rex

A majority of her assets were transferred to her two kids, Nicholas and Stephanie, because their ITV News presenter husband Charles Foster was killed just 4 months prior to her death.

The woman gave a diamond engagement ring to Stephanie and a diamond five-stone rings to her daughter-in-law Saheli.

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The soap icon further requested for her body to be burned after her death at the Rochdale Alzheimer care facility.

The will she completed in 2012, nearly 11 years after her death.

Meg played a key role in a number of some major Emmerdale episodes, such as being caught in a burning house during the Sugden house fire, forming an addiction to gambling and then creating fake Alzheimer’s.

The Manchester-born actress who was able to pursue an acting and screen profession after her family was evacuated in the Second World War, battled Alzheimer’s disease for several years before she passed away.

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ITV stated after her death: “Meg was a kind and beautiful lady filled with warmth and having a sparkle in her eyes.”


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