Another day of emotional memories for Chas

Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) focused her attention on Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) as well as their daughter Eve on the Wednesday (January 31) episode of Emmerdale and got ready to tell the two of them about her battle with cancer.

A few days ago, Chas headed to the hospital, and was informed that she was diagnosed with the same cancer that her mom Faith (Sally Dexter) and who passed away in 2022. Doctors tried to comfort Chas and stated that while her diagnosis is similar as that of her mother, there is no way to compare the two cases.

With the help of Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson), Chas then decided to reveal to her Dingle family members about her illness.

Tonight, the spotlight was all on daughter Eve and her former partner Paddy.

Another day of emotional memories for Chas

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The first episode began by Chas making a stopover at Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) at the Mill Cottage flat. The two agreed to meet yesterday and rekindle their friendship, however, awkwardly talking about tomatoes and bacon sarnies revealed they definitely still have a ways to take.

After Paddy along with Eve came in, Aaron took his sister outside to ensure Chas could talk to Paddy. She shared her diagnosis, and was moved by the fact that Paddy assured him that he’d assist Chas describe the condition to Eve.

Chas told Eve that she has cancer like her Granny Faith (Picture: ITV)

The couple from the past set Eve down and discussed the fact the situation. Chas suffers from a “slight little bit of cancer’ her breast, similar to Granny Faith. Paddy claimed that the “fancy drugs could help make Chas healthier, however Eve concerned them both after she mentioned that they didn’t do anything to help Granny.

While Aaron and Eve went to Mandy Dingle’s (Lisa Riley) salon, Paddy told Chas that she had to be willing to acknowledge his assistance and was available at any time, ‘day or evening’.

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Chas said that Mandy might need to be informed about this big commitment. Paddy stated that it wasn’t required due to the fact that Chas is Eve Grace’s mother and will always have importance to him.

When they settled down, Chas reflected on her talk with Eve and the long, arduous road to come.

“She’s not going lose her’ she said to Paddy.

“Not if she’s still in the midst of being a child’.


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