Can Cain as well as Aaron be capable of putting aside their disagreements for Chas?

Emmerdale has been aired an intense conversation with Aaron as well as Cain Dingle as they continue their battle.

Aaron is in conflict with his family during the past several months. This culminated in his violent assault against Cain this week, following Aaron was arrested at attempting to gain access the car of a customer.

In the past week, things got heated time when Aaron made the choice to quit the Dingles at the end of an emotional family gathering at The Woolpack following the time that Chas disclosed her diagnosis of breast cancer to all.


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Chas met with Aaron after their conversation at the bar the previous night to ensure that he did not change his mind. Then, he went away at night.

Uncertain about his mother’s abrupt change of behavior towards Aaron, Aaron confessed that he was hoping for Chas to “get angry” at him once more.

“I’m not angry I’m not mad, I swear,” Chas reassured him. “All I’m interested in is the fact that you’re here.”

Although he was able to reconcile things with his mom, Aaron did not have a good relationship with his uncle following their fracas and Cain following up with an ultimatum to his nephew following the plan to stay.

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“We all know that you don’t wish to see me in this place,” Aaron said as they sat on the streets of the town for the first moment ever since Aaron ran away from the bar.

“Why would you think I’m going to talk about your activities? I don’t have the time for you,” Cain replied, noting: “That’s unless you anything that could hurt her and in that scenario, you’ll need to begin running.”

Are the two capable of putting their differences aside in order to help Chas?

Emmerdale broadcasts weekends starting at 7.30pm on ITV1 and streamed online on ITVX.


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