Home and Away’s Alex Neilson drops a bombshell on Willow Harris next week by vowing to leave Summer Bay without her.

Alex (Zoe Ventoura) needs to move on after landing a new job away from the Bay, but Willow will be leaving lots behind if she goes ahead with the move too.

Next week, Willow (Sarah Roberts) remains in turmoil after Alex suggested they should buy a house together.

Willow can’t help fearing that things are moving too quickly, but Alex sees her hesitancy as a sign that she doesn’t want to commit to their future.

Photo credit: Channel 5
Photo credit: Channel 5

When Alex voices how she feels, she reminds Willow that she has always been open about wanting a long-lasting and committed relationship.

Willow, meanwhile, is torn between not wanting to hurt Alex and not wanting to make promises that she can’t keep.

In the end, Alex takes the choice out of Willow’s hands by making the heartbreaking decision to leave without her.


An upset Willow later confides in her friend Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost), who is quick to confront Alex for behaving so hastily.

Photo credit: Channel 5
Photo credit: Channel

Jasmine’s intervention only annoys Alex more, as she’s hurt by Willow talking to her friend rather than speaking to her directly.

It’s clear that Alex and Willow are still drawn to each other and would prefer to fight for their future, but is this a time when love isn’t enough?

Home and Away is currently airing two episodes a week on Channel 5, being broadcast in the lunchtime slot only on Mondays and Fridays.


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