What will Mali do?

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Home and Away‘s Rose Delaney is set to give Mali Hudson a major ultimatum in upcoming scenes for UK viewers.

Earlier this year, Mali’s ex-girlfriend, and “promised wife” Zara Campbell turned up in Summer Bay in an attempt to win back her ex.

After Zara called Mali’s mum, she convinced him to let Zara stay with him for as long as she wants, leaving Mali’s current girlfriend Rose baffled.

In upcoming scenes, yet another of Rose and Mali’s dates will be interrupted when Zara crashes their evening and tells them that she feels bad for making things difficult between them.

The next day, Rose’s brother Xander confronts Zara saying he knows what she’s trying to do and that Mali and Rose deserve their own space.

Later, Rose tries to speak to Zara but is shut down. After deciding she’s had enough of the Zara situation, Rose confronts Mali with an ultimatum – telling him it’s either Zara or her.

Following the ultimatum, Mali confronts Zara and questions what she said to Rose that made her so upset. Mali then delivers a harsh message to Zara and tells her to stay away from Rose.

Sensing conflict, Xander tries to mediate between the warring parties and points out that Zara seems lonely, but Rose won’t have it.

When Mali approaches Zara he tells her he has chosen Rose. Zara then reveals the real reason she turned up at Mali’s – to justify abandoning her dream of studying law to her family, who she believes will be okay with it if she left her studies to find true love.

Being kind to his ex, Mali promises she can stay and explains the decision to an anxious Rose, saying he could stay at Rose’s while Zara crashes at his place.


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