The following Week, at “Home and Away In The UK, Leah faces terror when she hears someone wandering around her house as Justin is worried that she’s had an epiphany about their wedding.

Leah (Ada Nicodemou) struggles on after her as well as Justin’s (James Stewart) most recent Vita Nova ordeal next Week she is in a position of having to ask Bree (Juliet Godwin) to help.

Leah has been tense ever since Justin almost died in the aftermath of the kidnapping. It was made more difficult when another attempt to take Justin’s life in the hospital by a Vita Nova member disguised as an official.

The perpetrator, Jordan (Jack Andrew), was taken into custody when he tried to choke Justin, and it was discovered that he didn’t cover his tracks effectively when the police came across where Vita Nova’s brand-new home.

Rose (Kirsty Marillier) informed Leah she had made a series of arrests had been made as well, and evidence related to the assault against Leah and Justin was found within the location, such as diagrams of the areas they intended to stop the two as well as paint which matched what was which was used to write on walls of the warehouse.

In the end, Rose thought she was right that Vita Nova was now disbanded to end their existence. We have indeed heard the same thing before, following a highly naive. Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) earlier said the exact claim after he was arrested by the leader Margot (Mandy McElhinney). Naturally, Leah had a few doubts.

However, Justin considered it an opportunity to be positive and said to Leah she could begin organizing their wedding. But being married is the last thought in her heart at this moment.

In the next Week, in solitude in the Morgan house, Leah is awakened from a nightmare that she feared, believing she is back at the warehouse, along and was accompanied by a seriously wounded Justin.

After a moment of resuscitation, Leah heads into the kitchen to get some water. Still, after hearing a sound emanating from outside, she believes a person is wandering around the house.

Then, in a fit of anger, Leah calls the police. Rose, as well as her fellow Constable Watson (Gary Bell), will respond to the phone call and begin an investigation. However, they are unable to find any indication of any intruder.

Incredulous that someone is looking to steal them, Leah calls the hospital to ensure that Justin is healthy. Rose confirms to Leah that Vita Nova is finished, and they have not arrested anyone. Were granted bail. This leads Leah to say sorry to Rose for taking their time.

This allows Rose to think about her thoughts, realizing that it’s too easy to overlook those who suffer from crime after the case closing.

Leah was working and distracted that day, and she was not home when Rose phoned the coffee shop to inquire about her and inform her that she had people to speak to should she need to. Leah quickly closed her door, quickly saying she was already busy.

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Rose attempts to try repeatedly, but Leah doesn’t seem any more open to her attempts. Rose does not believe Leah, who claims she’s in good health; Rose says she’s concerned about her friendship with Leah. She was shocked by how afraid she felt last night.

Leah insists that she does not need anyone, much less Justin, who is Justin’s boyfriend, to learn about the situation, and as Justin is coming home, she’s confident that things will be fine.

Rose thinks she will need help to make it that easy. However, Leah refuses to let her get through and yells at her to quit before running away.

The following morning, Leah goes to the hospital with Theo (Matt Evans) to meet Justin. After returning to the home of Theo and Leah, they agree to begin wedding plans, which is when Justin invites Theo to go on a task in Yabbie Creek to find Leah an engagement wedding ring.

When Justin later presents with a ring after an intimate dinner at Salt and then proposes to her, Lea is ecstatic.

However, she quickly falls into the earth again after, with Justin in her safe hands, Leah has another nightmare. Justin awakes as Leah awakes and cannot notice that she’s taken off her ring.

After seeing how Leah seems towards Rose, Justin confides in Alf (Ray Meagher) his concern that Leah might have doubts about her wedding.

Leah says that nothing is right and claims it’s because her mind is churning over wedding plans. After Justin suggests he take over the job, Leah realizes she’s getting caught in the wrong direction.

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In desperate need, Leah goes to Bree to ask for assistance and if she can prescribe some sleeping pills. However, Bree will not, as she knows that the medication isn’t fixing the root of the problem for Leah.

Leah claims that she’d be in a better position to process the trauma better if she was able to take a nap and concentrate, but Bree suggests that talking with Justin or even a therapist will assist her further.

Leah is adamantly refusing to address her issues with Justin and, unable to communicate with anyone or anyone else, she gets her head down.


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