Emmerdale’s Cain and Aaron are red, and they come to a slugfest; Chas finally receives her medical diagnosis, and Nate begins to become skeptical of Caleb and Tracy.

It is expected to be a hot day across Emmerdale this week, and the real story will be revealed to the Emmerdale residents.

Emmerdale spoilers could reveal that the Dingles are at war within the Yorkshire Dales after Aaron’s negligent car thefts are uncovered. However, as Aaron persists to tease Cain the king of all thugs, he eventually realizes he is red and decides if it is time to kill him with a vengeance.

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As of now, Chas has finally received her diagnosis. She is struggling with her emotions while figuring out the next steps.

In another scene, Nate finally becomes suspicious of his uncle Caleb and his wife Tracy’s affair. Can he uncover the truth about them?

Chas will be in the hospital for an appointment.

Chas receives a call confirming her hospital appointment for that afternoon. Chas asked Liam to attend the appointment with her, leaving him thrilled.

Chas’s result

While at her appointment, Chas is told she has triple-negative cancer. When back at home, Cas vents to Liam about her diagnosis

Chas can hide her feelings.

While by herself, Chas breaks down in tears, but the next day, when Paddy drops off Eve, he can see something’s wrong with Chas, but she continues to hide her feelings.

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Chas gets stuck

When Lydia asks if everything is OK, Chas can text back her emotions. Liam overhears from the Woolpack corridor as Chas talks openly about her situation to Lydi


Although Liam is happy to hear Chas opening up, he’s overwhelmed with a bittersweet feeling as he realizes he is no longer her sole confidant. The following day, Chas looks for more info on her cancer diagnosis.


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