Angelica cannot keep it a secret for long.

In Emmerdale spoilers for tonight (Tuesday, 23rd of January), Angelica feels awful hearing that Bob struggles and decides to admit guilt for the death of Heath.

In admitting that she was the cause of the crash with a public statement, Angelica is then arrested.

However, does Angelica get sent to jail for her crimes, as revealed in Emmerdale spoilers?

Angelica acknowledges that she is telling the reality (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers Angelica confesses that she was the cause of the crash.

Today, Jimmy feels guilty watching Bob fight while secretly thinking that Angelica was the one who caused the crash.

Angelica listens to Jimmy and Nicola discuss Bob and begins to feel responsible. In this way, she is determined to take action.

She goes back to the B&B and informs the guests that she was driving at the time Heath was killed.

Liam, Brenda, Cathy Apr, il, and April are all shocked by Angelica’s confession to the world.

At the police station, Angelica is then required to make a formal confession. However, she is concerned when officers arrest her on charges of death through reckless driving. But what does it mean to Angelica?

Chas opens up to Lydia (Credit: ITV)

Lydia amuses Liam.

Paddy gets worried after he feels there’s something wrong in Chas’s life, but he cannot connect close to the truth.

Then, Chas feels brave enough to talk to Lydia and informs her of what’s bothering her.

Liam listens to the conversation and is happy that Chas can finally speak up. At times, he can’t avoid feeling jealous that he’s not Chas, the only one to assist.

Will Nate realize what Tracy’s up to? (Credit: ITV)

Tracy and Caleb remain in the loop.

Tracy and Caleb continue their affair in the shadows of Nate. While they’re at it, Nate feels ignored and ignored by Tracy. However, can he work ways to get things resolved?

Cain’s had enough of Aaron’s games (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers Aaron angers Cain

A car that was stolen is displayed in the garage. Aaron is a bit irritated with Cain as he discovers why he did it.

Mack is trying to persuade Aaron to act in a manner that will get him back in Cain’s good graces. He is feeling torn between two camps. What if Aaron takes Mack’s advice?

Mandy helps Ella with her interview prep (Credit: ITV)

Mandy and Ella’s relationship is growing.

Mandy helps Ella get ready for her interview. Afterward, Mandy celebrates Ella’s success as they bond through drinks.

Marlon has bonded with Ivy (Credit: ITV)

Marlon declares his love for Ivy.

Marlon acknowledges to Mandy that he likes Ivy as a family member. What if he had to guard his emotions?


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