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BBC EastEnders leave to Karen Taylor as she makes an eerie six-word comment on Keanu’s demise

Eastenders Karen Taylor
Eastenders Karen Taylor

Karen Taylor has left EastEnders indefinitely, however as she walked out the show, she made a scathing statement and a reference to Keanu’s passing left fans convinced that their secrets will be revealed in the near future.

Karen Taylor has departed EastEnders for good, but not without making a sombre observation about the death of Keanu.

The Six have told Karen their story of the events that occurred at Christmas Day 2023, keeping their secret. Linda Carter had actually killed Keanu following his attack on Sharon. After Karen returned with threats to expose the truth because she believed they had hidden some kind of secret, but not knowing the real story behind what happened to her son.

She decided to go home to give her daughter Bernie an opportunity to make a new beginning at the Square However, not without visiting a couple of times to residents in Walford and making a terrifying statement of six words regarding Keanu, her child. Keanu.

Karen offered a heartfelt goodbye to Bernie

Karen was on her way to meet Phil Mitchell and Kat Slater after they had made the decision to test it for the second time. Karen warned them that: “The truth will come out. Always,” before turning to Kat and saying: “Whatever him and Sharon are up to, do you must steer free of. It’s possible that she been able to convince Keanu that she was in love with the guy, but she’s never ever had her hands off Phil. It’s not fair to have to be one of his lazy second.”

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Then, Karen also headed over to visit Bernie and to bid him a goodbye. “You’re doing the right thing, do you think? I’ve called you a taxi,” Bernie said to her, in tears. Karen also crying.

She said to her: “My beautiful girl, I’m so proud of your. You’re creating a new path for yourself and sitting on your own two feet. Come and visit us anytime you’d like, and get some Benidorm sunshine onto that face.”

In the event that Bernie was asked if she thought her mom will be fine and she replied: “I know there are those who lie to me, But secrets can’t be kept hidden all the time. There’s no need for creating trouble for myself in the event that Keanu must stay out. The day will come when he’ll show up sure, he’ll show up,” before she handed her daughter money and asked her to get her own something before kissing goodbye in a heartfelt way.

The episode will mark the last appearance of Lorraine Stanley for the BBC soap, at a minimum in the near future since it’s expected that Karen is focusing on her new lifestyle at Benidorm with her family, and departing Bernie to make an exciting new life in Walford.


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