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EastEnders spoilers Amy is ‘planning to find Keanu’s truth about his murder’ Denise’s hallucinations rattle her

EastEnders spoilers Amy is 'planning to find Keanu's truth about his murder'
EastEnders spoilers Amy is 'planning to find Keanu's truth about his murder'

Denise was a bit worried over the last couple of months

Amy Mitchell’s (Ellie Dadd) worries about her stepmother Denise Fox (Diane Parish) get worse in EastEnders this week, after a lovely gesture takes her to terrifying nightmares.

Viewers have watched Denise going through a terrifying spiral of self-destructing after her vicious attack against Nish Panesar (Navan Chowdhry) as well as her assistance with the smuggling of murder victim Keanu Taylor’s (Danny Walters) body at the Christmas Day.

In the next few days, Denise and her five companions; Linda (Kellie Bright), Stacey (Lacey Turner), Suki (Balvindar Sopal), Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) and Sharon (Letitia Dean) realised they’d need to get rid of Keanu’s corpse. after a heated argument, Linda was hyperventilating, Stacey shoved Denise into the hole in which they’d left Keanu’s decaying body.Denise was astonished by the image of her necklace she made for her birthday cards

(Picture: BBC)

Incredulous Denise was screaming for women to aid her Then it was the decision to mix up their own cement to make up the gaps.

Denise is dealing with a stressful couple of months

Distressed by the events of the day, Denise arrived home to her civil partner Jack (Scott Maslen) immediately recognizing that her iconic silver “D chain was missing. the necklace was gone when she fell onto Keanu.

Next day, Denise attempted to recover the necklace using the cement which was already cured, causing her to accept her defeat. Kathy stated that if were to break the body once more in the event of being found, she would be framed by Denise for her mishap….but this is actually underneath the cafe’s flooring!

 (Picture: BBC)

Since the beginning, Denise was afflicted with the idea of her necklace getting discovered as well as being reminded of it through pictures, and imagining her wearing it every time she is in the mirror. This week she was even able to see an image of dead Keanu hidden in the net curtains.

In the upcoming episode of this BBC soap we’ll be seeing Amy Mitchell fear that she will lose a mom figure in her life and encourages her father to get a nice Valentine’s gift for her.The siblings are terrified for their step-mum

Hiding the present away with brother Ricky (Frankie Day) to avoid Denise finding it, the siblings are rattled when she stumbles across it and begins acting strangely, thinking that she is once again experiencing delirium of the ‘D’ necklace.

Ricky urges Amy to speak up to their dad about what they’ve witnessed, but she is adamant to keep schtum, worried a divorce could be on the cards.

Later in the week, Amy turns to Stacey asking for advice with a school project about bipolar disorder – but will she realise the real reason for Amy’s interest, and will Denise eventually crack under the pressure of her horrifying hallucinations?


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