EastEnders shocked us when we saw the return to Keanu Taylor, and Lucas Johnson

This article has spoilers for the Wednesday (January 31) episode of EastEnders that hasn’t yet been broadcast on television, but can be viewed via BBC iPlayer.

If you were thinking this would be the typical Wednesday on EastEnders Think again since we’ve experienced the greatest show of 2024 to date and with no warning at all.

The program opened and concluded with two major returns which left us shaken from start to finish.

A poor Denise Fox (Diane Parish) has been going through a rough time currently, in light of the death of Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) during Christmas Day.

EastEnders stunned us when we saw the return to Keanu Taylor, and Lucas Johnson

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Since she lost her iconic necklace during the graveyard he made up, Denise has been slowly going downhill, her hold of reality loosening with every new day.

Today’s episode was clear how dire things were after Denise was stricken by a terrifying nightmare and was followed by Keanu lay her down under the cafe.

Keanu’s shocking appearance made Denise in shock She woke up crying, only to realize her his husband Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) is nowhere to be seen.

The upcoming episodes will show that visions of Keanu persist to haunt Denise however, they’ll not be confined to the nightmares she has…

Jack’s excuses left Denise paranoid (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

As Jack eventually came out, Denise questioned him on his location and was worried when he revealed that he’d been sent in to inquire about an alleged sighting within the case of a missing person.

Although the public is aware that he actually slept in bed with Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) The reason Denise was paranoid was an entirely different motive, since she was worried that it might be Keanu’s situation that he was researching.

Then, she shared her worries to Stacey She was assured that she wouldn’t be placed on the case had they believed she was linked with it.Lucas returns!

 (Picture: BBC)

Confronting her conscience, Denise accompanied Yolande Trueman (Angela Wynter) in her group at church at the local community centre. In the church, Pastor Clayton recommended that she release herself by confiding her concerns to God.

While Denise was unsure if God would be a listener and listen, Pastor Clayton advised her to get advice from a person that had been in her situation, and revealed the possibility that she could have the ability to communicate with God through those who have been there.

This is why Denise made the decision to meet an unknown name of time past. Lucas Johnson (Don Gilet).

Consider us gobsmacked.

If you’re not conscious, Lucas is Denise’s serial ex-husband who killed her, and took her hostage once in the basement, and then told her family members that she had died. The funeral was held and then everything else.

We saw him on our screens for a brief time in 2020, after which he was sent back to prison for a second time after being found with the use of drugs.

In light of the fact the fact that Lucas has experience in murdering people and then concealing it is he capable of providing Denise assistance she’s required?


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