Emmerdale viewers were left puzzled this week when the iconic character Brenda Walker ( Lesley Dunlop) was not able to appear during the funeral of Heath Hope’s (Sebastian Dowling) funeral.

Heath died in the early part of the year after an accident in the car. Amid weeks of confusion, it is now clear that Angelica King (Rebecca Bakes) was driving the vehicle when the accident occurred, Not Cathy ( Gabrielle Dowling).

The night before (January 18), The village inhabitants met to bid farewell to Heath.

The episode was highly emotional, featuring the likes of Cathy, Eric ( Chris Chittell) and Bob (Tony Audenshaw) making their route through Main Street behind the funeral vehicle. However, the audience could not help but notice that Brenda did not appear to be observed.

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At the beginning of the show, in the episode, a single dialogue sequence revealed Brenda was in a coma, so she couldn’t be at the funeral. However, viewers were left confused by this sudden change, considering Brenda was so profoundly implicated during the time following the death of Heath.

In the same vein, another said: ‘Where were you? Brenda, How awful to have missed her father’s funeral in the village, right across the street!

Brenda’s absence lasted into the Friday show on the ITV soap, with the episode mainly concentrated on Charity (Emma Atkins) and her family. This King family are looking for a way ahead after Angelica admitted to her secrets about the accident in her car.

Following it was over, Angelica told Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) that she had been driving in Heath’s final hours. She was trying to keep the secret from her mother. Still, when she saw the beginning of the funeral through her bedroom window and witnessed Cathy as well as Bob engaging in a touching conversation, the guilt began increasing.

As Heath was the stepfather of Brenda, it was crucial that she was a significant player after his passing. Hence, her abrupt disappearance of Heath last week caused many to believe she’ll be back shortly.

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