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Emmerdale actor Suzanne Shaw reveals inspiring new character off soap


Emmerdale actress Suzanne Shaw has disclosed her new role which concentrates on the people’s wellbeing and well-being.

The actor and singer who was 42 and played Eve Jenson on the ITV soap opera, enjoyed an incredible musical career with the popular group Hear’Say however, she has embarked on new career paths.

“I assist people in overcoming sobriety as well as assist them with their health path, and that’s the work I’m doing now for a living,’ she explained to The New Magazine.

When asked about her drinking habits, Suzanne explained: ‘It was unhealthy, and wasn’t going help me in my daily lifestyle. There was nothing wrong with my drinking habit, it simply wasn’t my thing.”

Suzanne gained fame through her ex-bandmates Kym Marsh Myleene Klass, Danny Foster and Noel Sullivan when the group was awarded Popstars in 2001.

They released singles like The Chart-topping Pure and Simple and The Way To Your Love.

Then, the Kym, the former Coronation Street actor Kym was soon to leave the band within a mere year of their popularity. Her replacement was Johnny Shentall, but the band’s new look was only for a short time, and the group broke up for the last time in 2002.

The performer previously admitted that she was not a drinker with the group because their schedules wouldn’t allow the practice, but getting out of Hear’Say was a sign that there were instances when I felt like, “Let’s party till the early hours, and then do the 25 Jaegerbombs”.’

Suzanne had also experienced post-natal depression following she had given birth to her oldest baby Corey and kept what she felt to herself.

Though she was ‘totally overwhelmed’, it was a thought that she could take her own life was never on her mind.

“All I could think of was “I am not me” and I was desperate to be able to shut out my mind’s chattering brain,’ she explained.

Since then, she has changed her life and quit drinking alcohol after being the ambassador of One Year No Beer.

In 2021, she informed Metro she’s striving to sleep moreand she has signed up for professionals for training.

When I’m in the mood for one, I’m not going to since I am afraid it could increase my anxiety. Friends of mine say it’s okay to have just one drink, but I’m not one to have just only one drink. I’d rather have every bottle.


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